When everyone demanded Trump apologize for saying Islam hates us, here’s what he SHOULD had said…

I must admit, just when you think there’s nothing more bizarre that can emanate from the mouth of President Barack Obama, well, he takes it to another level. Two years ago, President Obama referred to ISIS — or as he likes to say, ISIL — as the JV Team just to disrespect and dismiss the existence of the State of Israel.

Now, Obama has a new spin on the savage and barbaric Islamic jihadist group.

As reported by the Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama likened the Middle East to Gotham, the fictional metropolis in the Batman franchise, with ISIS acting as the Joker who shows up on the scene and plunges the city into murderous chaos. 

Obama’s comments drawing an analogy between the jihadist militant group Islamic State, also known as ISIL, and the comic book villain portrayed by Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 film The Dark Knight, appear in a long-form piece exploring in depth the president’s foreign policy legacy, which The Atlantic published online Thursday. 

The cover story by the magazine’s national correspondent Jeff Goldberg, titled The Obama Doctrine, will appear in print in The Atlantic’s April issue. 

White House aides speaking to The Atlantic recalled how in meetings Obama would talk about a key scene in the Batman film as a way of explaining his view of ISIS and its role in the region. 

‘There’s a scene in the beginning in which the gang leaders of Gotham are meeting,’ Obama would tell advisers. ‘These are men who had the city divided up. They were thugs, but there was a kind of order. Everyone had his turf. 

‘And then the Joker comes in and lights the whole city on fire. ISIL is the Joker. It has the capacity to set the whole region on fire. That’s why we have to fight it.

Maybe President Obama is getting all worked up for the soon-to-be-released “Superman vs. Batman” movie. One thing is for certain, ISIS may be the Joker, but Barack Obama doggone sure ain’t The Dark Knight. The existence of ISIS is not some laughing matter that should be compared to a Hollywood movie — although the West family certainly spends a Saturday evening every now and then watching the classic movie, “The Dark Knight.”

But this is not about life imitating art. ISIS is real and they’re certainly conducting the most abhorrent and heinous of actions the world has seen since Nazi Germany. This is not a comic book matter and it’s not just that ISIS is setting the whole region on fire, they’re inspiring Islamic jihadist attacks worldwide.

When we watched the movie for the first time, I told my oldest daughter Christopher Nolan was drawing a parallel between the Joker and terrorism and how it must be fought. The scene I remembered the most, and has relevance, was when the Joker character, when incarcerated, admitted to Batman that he had limits. He knew there was only so far he was willing to go. And that is the case in this current conflagration against Islamic jihadism.

We’ve delved into such a morass of political correctness that we are precluded from even saying what the enemy says about themselves. Consider the machinations recently because presidential candidate Donald Trump said something about Islam hating us. Everyone demanded his apology, but actually, if he’d been savvy enough, he would have drawn attention to a theocratic-political totalitarian ideology and not allow folks to redirect to individuals — he would have found that history would support his assertion.

Back to President Obama and The Atlantic article, which I read online. The piece is entitled, “The Obama Doctrine,” so I figured it would just be a one-page advertisement. Instead, it was a very long, empty rhetorical drivel — not solid foreign policy insights –that just made me shake my head. When President Obama admitted in the piece he was proud to have not taken action in Syria, well, you have to say — so the whole “red line” business was just word vomit? It appears President Obama, based upon that statement, endorses the actions of his declared “Jokers.”

Along with that, you can’t believe at this point that the complete withdrawal from Iraq was a sound foreign and national security policy decision, can you? It seems someone got a hold of Obama and told him not to repeat the same absent-minded decision in Afghanistan, especially coming into a presidential election year. But we all know the Taliban has reemerged in that combat theater of operations.

And what about Libya? Is Obama proud of going in and destabilizing that country in support of militant Islamic jihadist groups? Funny, here we are now running bombing strikes in Libya against ISIS and other targets. Is that part of the Obama Doctrine? Do any of you recall when President Obama touted Yemen as some enormous success in the “war on terror”? Right. Then we had to evacuate our embassy in Sanaa because of the Iranian-backed rebel Houthi forces — and our Marines were ordered to dismantle their weapons and left unarmed, while a Marine Expeditionary Unit awaited to conduct the evacuation operation. Nope, the Obama Doctrine called for them to load up on Oman Air, Marines with no personal weapons.

When I think about the Obama Doctrine, I recall the off-mike moment on stage with then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev when Obama stated, “tell Vladimir that after reelection I will have more flexibility.” That flexibility resulted in a sovereign state, Ukraine, being invaded and losing territory. Along with Russian intervention into Syria and support not just to Bashar Assad, but also to Iran and their quest to be a dominant hegemony in the Middle East. The Obama Doctrine said the United States would pivot from the Middle East, which we certainly have done, and focus on the Pacific theater. Well, we got there just in time to watch China build islands and emplace airfields and surface-to-air missiles. As well, China’s rabid dog client state, North Korea, is popping off missiles all over the place.

And why not, Lil’ Kim the pudgy fella with the bad haircut doesn’t want to be outdone by Iran, who’s popped off plenty of ballistic missiles, daring Obama to do anything. See, the Obama Doctrine means you can seize U.S. naval vessels, take our Sailors at gunpoint on their knees, and still get a hearty thank you from the Secretary of State for treating them nice.

The Obama Doctrine is all about cheering on the creation of a new nation state, Southern Sudan, then sitting back and watching the place descend into a genocidal state of existence. And speaking of genocide, the Obama Doctrine cannot even admit ISIS is conducting genocide against Christians. I guess the evidence that after 2,000 years there are no Christians in Mosul, Iraq is just not enough proof — after all, those guys are just a bunch of JV team Jokers.

The Atlantic correspondent Jeff Goldberg, and the magazine, just wasted a whole bunch of ink. Hey Jeff, next time, call me and we can have a discussion about the Obama Doctrine. I promise it will only take two minutes — here’s a summary.

The Obama Doctrine is all about appeasement, weakness, abdication and surrender, with the overall intent being the advancement of our enemies and the abandonment of our allies. The Obama Doctrine is all about campaign promises and an ideological political agenda not rooted in any sense of reality. After all, we need to shut down GITMO so the Islamic jihadists will stop their recruiting efforts. The Obama Doctrine means America is liked by everyone, just like the guy who gets sand kicked in his face at the beach — he provides humor to the strong ones.

And right now, the world is, let me say it, laughing a certain part of their anatomy off at U.S.. That is the Obama Doctrine, a nightly comedy show of fools whose foreign policy strategy is based upon the sound principle of “don’t do stupid [email protected]” — sadly, they’ve done lots of that and think deserters serve with honor.

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