Trump just delivered some very BAD NEWS to the RNC

If there’s one thing the pundits agree on about last night’s debate, it’s that it was unusually civil (a fact that Trump himself drew attention to during the debate). With Trump and Cruz both commanding leads that make it nearly impossible for Rubio or Kasich to be competitive, there’s not much incentive to attack.

In fact, as Conservative Review is reporting, Trump would like to pretty much sit back at this point and wait for the votes to come in.

During a press conference at which Ben Carson formally announced his endorsement of the GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump argued “we’ve had enough debates.” 

While from a strategy standpoint Trump’s suggestion makes sense, it could backfire if he refuses to attend any further scheduled events. Trump previously admitted skipping the debate before the Iowa caucus had a diminishing effect on his results, where he lost to Ted Cruz. 

To some, his call for no more debates may come as welcome. After all, there have been over ten already this campaign season. But to others this looks like nothing more than an attempt by Trump to limit the amount of damage that can be done to his campaign.  

The next debate is scheduled for the 21st in Utah, so it looks like Trump hasn’t negotiated himself out of any debates just yet.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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