Look what history teaches us about Trump BEATING Hillary…

One of the practical arguments against supporting Trump as the nominee is that he’d lose to Hillary Clinton in a general election.

Trump is far too divisive to attract enough votes, even against someone as unlikable as Hillary, we’re told. The majority of the polls so far that show a hypothetical head-to-head between the two candidates do show Hillary the victor, too.

But it’s too early to call things yet.

The Gateway Pundit has a little bit of a flashback to show anyone who thinks that Trump would lose to Hillary in a head-to-head for that reason:Back in December, Donald Trump took a few swipes at Hillary Clinton after she said he was sexist.


hillary tanks
Hillary’s lead dropped nearly 13 points in the first week of January via Real Clear Politics.

Back in March 1980 the establishment said the same thing about Ronald Reagan.

They said he could never defeat Jimmy Carter.He was too divisive.

Reagan trailed Carter by 15 points in February-March 1980.
reagan carter polls

Reagan came back and won in a 44 state landslide.

Will the same hold true for Trump? We can’t say for sure, but history does have a tendency of repeating itself…

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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