What Obama just ADMITTED about Iran should make your head blow up

I know it appears the prevailing issues such as foreign policy mean very little in this presidential election cycle. At the last Democrat debate in Flint, Michigan there was no discussion of foreign policy. And during the last GOP presidential debate, there were more invectives hurled than anything else. Well, while we sit here in America listening to this incessant blather on our screens, the world continues to spiral out of control.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, The State Department indicated that it has no objection to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s surprise announcement Monday that it would not be able to be fully transparent about Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement.

Yukiya Amano, who leads the IAEA, told reporters that the Iran nuclear agreement doesn’t allow the international agency to report publicly on violations of the agreement by Iran, according to one report. At the State Department Monday, reporters said Amano also indicated that Iran would be providing less information about Iran’s compliance than the agency provided before the agreement was reached.

But when asked whether the U.S. supported the IAEA’s announcement, State Department spokesman John Kirby indicated the Obama administration hadn’t heard about this announcement from the IAEA. Kirby also said the administration has no problem with the IAEA’s announcement that it cannot provide full transparency. “What matters to us is that they are in fact meeting their commitments, and so I don’t want to parse their assessment that information now is less detailed than it was before,” Kirby said. “They would have to speak to that. But as long as Iran continues to meet its commitments under the JCPOA, that’s what matters, and that’s what we want to see.

I actually have no idea what the U.S. State Department talking head is saying — do any of you? Let me remind you Iran has clearly stated that the United States will not be allowed to inspect any of their nuclear facilities.

We reported last year that the Iranians said only nations with whom they have diplomatic relations would be allowed to be a part of any inspection team. But what I simply do not understand is while the head of the IAEA indicates Iran will be providing less information, state spokesperson Kirby just shrugs his shoulders and basically says no big deal.

I just have to inquire, why is the Obama administration so willing to dismiss anything related to Iran and its belligerence? Clearly it’s more important to President Barack Obama to have a presidential library exhibit rather than secure the future of the American people.

It would have been far more preferable for Kirby to just say, the position of the State Department is that we simply don’t care and let the next administration deal with it.

Let’s end this charade that there’s any such thing as a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a nuclear agreement, with Iran. They’ve conducted countless violations of the verbiage written on those pieces of paper. President Obama cared so little for the Senatorial representation of the American people that he coerced Senate Democrats to filibuster the JCPOA so it never even saw the light of the Senate floor — something procedurally for which I would have to lay the blame on Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) for allowing to happen.

Maybe I’m just going down the road “whistling Dixie” all alone in expressing a sincere concern about the abject surrender of our foreign policy by this administration. Maybe no one cares about Iran achieving economic and military dominance in the Middle East, along with nuclear capability. Perhaps we’ve reached a point where we don’t want our nation to be strong and project strength and might.

Could it be that we no longer believe America is exceptional and that we should take a stand and position ourselves against declared adversaries? After all, this is the same U.S. State Department that thanked the Iranians for taking care of our ten captured Sailors and returning them.

So, I ask y’all, sincerely, do any of you care that Iran defies America and dismisses the nuclear agreement. Do any of you think it’s okay that we continue to allow Iran to build up its military prowess and become the dominant player in the region — knowing they’re the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism?

Maybe we truly don’t see Israel as our ally and care little if Iran is capable of funding a new wave of terror attacks along with rocket/missile assaults against the Israeli populace. After all, as President Obama has said, we did all of this to avoid a military confrontation.

In closing, a simple maxim: never let the enemy know what you’re not willing to do. When the enemy knows the self-imposed limits of your will, their will shall overpower yours.

Maybe we should have as mandatory reading for anyone seeking to be commander in chief, Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.” Why? Because our foreign policy resembles a first grade finger-paint on construction paper.

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