Surprise? Look who MSN viewers think should drop out next…

Many years ago when I was working in marketing, I asked someone on the research team to help me design a survey. The first question she asked me was “what’s the result you want?” It was like a thunderbolt. I had never realized. Polls, surveys and research studies are designed with an agenda in mind.

Which is why you cannot always trust what the polls say, since it may all depend on who’s asking what question. Now, with the help of the internet and social media, we can have instantaneous polls. Pundits will say these are “unscientific” because they include a group of self-selected responses, and in some cases, respondents can vote more than once (just like they do in elections!).

Nonetheless, with all that being said, this polls which appears about half-way down on the homepage of is rather interesting. It asks a simple question: Which GOP candidate for president should be next to drop out of the race? This result was as of approximately 11:30 am ET.


Pretty dramatic, eh? But of course, completely unscientific… Feel free to cast your vote here.


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