BREAKING: This Republican just won MICHIGAN; battle for second underway…

Donald Trump is now projected to win the state of Michigan, picking up his second victory tonight.

Via Fox News:

Fox News projects that Donald Trump will win the hard-fought Michigan Republican presidential primary.

According to Fox News exit polls and early vote tallies, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are locked in a battle for second place, while Marco Rubio appears headed for a fourth-place finish.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is poised for a possible upset of Hillary Clinton tonight in the state.

It’s too early to project a winner on the Democratic side, but at this time Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in a surprisingly close battle for the top spot, according to exit polls and early voting returns.

This is a departure from months of pre-election polls, which consistently showed Clinton with a double-digit lead over Sanders in Michigan.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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