BREAKING: Fox projects this Republican will win the Mississippi primary…

Fox News is now projecting Donald Trump will win the state of Mississippi. It previously projected Hillary Clinton as the winner on the Democratic side.

While Clinton was declared a winner immediately after polls closed at 8pm local time, some noted that the fact that it took 26 minutes to declare Trump the winner indicated a closer race there than some had previously expected.

Via Fox News:

Fox News projects that Donald Trump will win Mississippi’s Republican presidential primary, leaving Ted Cruz to finish in second place.

John Kasich and Marco Rubio are locked in a battle for third place, according to Fox News exit polls and early returns.


Fox News projects that Hillary Clinton will easily defeat Bernie Sanders in Mississippi’s Democratic presidential primary.

Voters also are going to the polls Tuesday in the Republican and Democratic primaries in Michigan – and in Republican-only contests in Idaho and Hawaii.

Michigan is the biggest prize on the map Tuesday.

Early Fox News exit polls there show late-deciders in the Republican race largely breaking for Ohio Gov. Kasich and Texas Sen. Cruz.

Trump, though, who has led most Michigan polls going into Tuesday, was leading among independents in the state. And exit polls show more than half of Michigan Republican voters agree with Trump’s charge that trade policies are taking jobs away from the U.S. 

Meanwhile, in early results in Michigan — the biggest prize of tonight — Hillary Clinton is lagging behind rival Bernie Sanders, which, if it holds, could mean an upset for her. On the GOP side, while Donald Trump leads in early tallies, rival John Kasich appears to be vying for second.

We’ll be watching to bring you updates as the night progresses.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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