Forget ISIS: 57 Muslim countries reveal they have a much BIGGER worry

Remember when former U.S. State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said the problem with Islamic terrorists is that they need more job opportunities? Yeah, I still get a laugh from that one.

Now, think about the massive refugee flight out of the Middle East into Europe. Or how about the plight of women in the Muslim world? My point is that there is a plethora of issues in the Muslim world. But during a recent meeting of global Muslim leaders, you simply will not believe what they identified as their central issue.

As reported by CNSNews, “Islamic nations’ leaders meeting in Indonesia Monday acknowledged the chaos wracking parts of the Muslim world, but said that should not move the spotlight away from “the central issue” for the world’s Muslim community: Palestine.

A resolution endorsed at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) “extraordinary” summit on the Palestinian issue said the leaders were “aware of the tragic spread of crises” in the Islamic world, including armed conflicts and terrorism.

“Nonetheless,” it said, that situation “should not divert international attention from the cause of Palestine and al-Quds al-Sharif [Jerusalem], which must remain the central issue of the Islamic ummah [global community].”

Millions of people – mostly Muslims – have been killed, maimed, terrorized or displaced in OIC members Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and elsewhere in recent years.

Among the leaders gathered in Jakarta was Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, wanted by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

The United States was represented at the two-day meeting in Indonesia by Arsalan Suleman, the Obama administration’s acting special envoy to the 57-member OIC.

When he addressed the meeting on Sunday, Suleman said the violence must stop, stressing that there was “no justification for acts of terrorism now or ever.”

We all have watched over the past year and a half as waves of horrific attacks against civilians have washed across Israel, Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip,” he said. “

The United States has unequivocally condemned acts of terrorism, and called on both sides to take steps to reduce tensions and end the violence.”

First of all, let me explain to the Ummah something verified by history: the term “Palestine” has nothing to do with Muslims. It is the definition of a region. And the term was introduced by Roman Emperor Hadrian to punish the Jewish people for the Simon Bar Kohkba revolt — some call it the second Jewish insurrection, others the third. Once Hadrian crushed the revolt he decreed that the region would be renamed “Palaestinia.” That word was a derivative of “Philistia” referring to the ancient Phillistines, who were not descendants of Muslims, as Islam was not introduced until circa 610 AD. The ancient Philistines were descendants of Greeks.

For these Muslim leaders to try and lay claim to “Palestine” is just as absurd as Italians laying claim to Jerusalem — after all, the Romans did rename the city, Aoelia Capitolina. Maybe the Iraqis could lay claim to Jerusalem, since Salahaddin was from there and he conquered the city — after all, that’s why Muslims believe they have claim. Or maybe the Greeks can just come back and take over Gaza, since it was their descendants, the Philistines, who occupied the coastal city.

Bottom line, Jerusalem is the city of David, and David was a Jewish fella. Jerusalem is the capitol of the Jewish state. Heck, the greater area is called the Levant, which came from the Italian travelers who referred to the Mediterranean coastal region as the Levantine.

But again, with all that’s happening in the Muslim world, “Palestine” is their central issue? You want to talk about being disconnected — or perhaps it’s all intentional, to them there are no real issues.

Here you have the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – by the way, why don’t they talk about cooperating in stopping the “hijacking” of their religion? Maybe they don’t address that because Islamic terrorists aren’t hijacking anything. They are indeed following the Koran and the mandates of Mohammad. One would think these leaders would have discussed how to take care of their own refugees. Nope. Did they think about confronting the problem of misogyny in the Muslim world, which has horribly spread to Europe? Nope. What about better educational opportunities to improve the literacy rate in the Islamic world? Nope.

So what did this esteemed gathering bring forth?

“The leaders gave “unequivocal support” for Palestinians’ “legal right to resist” the occupation. The documents repeatedly condemned the Israeli government, accusing it of carrying out a “brutal and criminal onslaught” on innocent Palestinians, and of encouraging Israeli citizens to be armed, “to terrorize and torment Palestinian civilians and to wreak havoc and destruction.”

Israel was further accused of endangering the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City – the third holiest site in Islam – and was blamed exclusively for the failure of more than 20 years of negotiations, due to its “lack of political will” and its “intransigence.”

The leaders approved a range of measures to increase pressure on Israel, threw their weight behind a boycott of Israeli goods produced in the disputed territories, and agreed to set up an expert legal group to study options for referring “human rights violations in Palestine” to international bodies.”

Here is the height of hypocrisy: the folks whose brethren are out there beheading, crucifying, raping, and selling young girls into slavery are talking about establishing a legal group to study human rights violations? You just gotta be kidding me! And Israel’s lack of political will… doggone, we’ve shared with you countless times the encouragement of “Palestinian” leaders for the recent spate of stabbings of Israeli citizens. There are no willing peace partners for Israel with whom to find a resolution since the Israeli right to exist isn’t recognized.

What is most disturbing is that the Obama administration has a representative at this confab where someone wanted on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide was in attendance. And you know what our fond progressive socialist trolls will do? Blame Bush. Or watch them make the commentary that George W. Bush was a war criminal, they love to evade the points being presented in the commentary.

Doggone, why did the Muslim leaders of this little summit not turn over Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir to international authorities? Everyone talks about moderate Muslims and the reformation of Islam. Well here you had the 57-member OIC meeting, and it appears that is not on the agenda. Y’all remember when then-Senator Obama, running for president, spoke of the 57 states he’d visited? Perhaps Obama is more comfortable with these 57 states, than with these United States of America?

Certainly having a representative from the Obama administration provides a level of legitimacy to this den of serpents…the same group of reptiles who want to criminalize any perceived “offensive” speech of Islam. And the United Nations, along with the Obama administration, supports UN Resolution 16/18 — in other words, Islamo-fascists and progressive socialists don’t like free speech, truth, and the rightful condemnation of who they are.

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