You’re fired? Look who Arnold Schwarzenegger has endorsed for president.

The “governator,” Arnold Schwarzenegger will be taking over for Donald Trump on the “Celebrity Apprentice” show this year.

Trump has given Ah-nold his endorsement for the show, but Schwarzenegger isn’t paying back the complement.

The movie star appeared at an Ohio rally on Sunday to offer John Kasich his endorsement. Yes, Kasich.

Per the Daily Mail, Scharzenegger said Kasich ‘kicked some serious butt’ during his 18 years in Washington and that the Ohio governor is an ‘action hero’ in his own right.

Schwarzenegger, a Republican, cited Kasich’s contribution to balancing the federal budget as one of his major accomplishments.

Electing Kasich would send the message that ‘raising the bar for your kids will win in this country,’ Schwarzenegger said.

The endorsement came at an event outside a barn in Ohio and saw Kasich donning a jacket that said ‘Governator II’ and the actor wearing a Kasich campaign jacket.

At the rally, Kasich shared his message that restoring the ‘spirit of America’ requires ordinary citizens to do their part.

Well, I wonder if Trump has any second thoughts about handing over the starring role on his show now? Or perhaps, given Kasich’s standing in the polls, it really doesn’t matter anyway, and Trump will get Schwarzenegger’s support in the long haul.

We’ll just have to see how this movie plays out. The body count is growing though, and Kasich may well be a casualty after March 15th.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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