Whoa: This state just made a MASSIVE move on guns

West Virginia has been working to free up its gun restrictions, with the House voting to pass House Bill 4145, allowing for permitless concealed carry of firearms.

If that sounds scary, Vermont allows concealed carry at age 16 (and had a total of two gun murders in 2010).

The bill was vetoed by the state’s Democrat governor, Earl Ray Tomblin, on Saturday, but as Breitbart reported, the veto was quickly overturned:

Lawmakers who view the requirement of a concealed carry license as a burden on the exercise of Second Amendment rights saw things differently. The Senate override the veto by a vote of 23-11.

The override means persons 21-year-old or older who are not barred from gun possession will be able to carry a gun without permit and persons 18-20 years of age will be able to get a concealed carry permit to carry a gun.

Permitless concealed carry “now becomes law in 90 days [As of March 6th].”

West Virginia is just one of many states that has strengthened gun rights this year – while Obama has made gun control a key issue of his administration’s final year. In the words of Texas governor Greg Abbott when his state’s open carry law took effect this New Year’s, if Obama thinks he can impose more gun control, he’s going to need to “come and take it.”

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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