Israelis overwhelmingly want THIS Republican to win the presidency

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both have a strong record in standing for Israel, predating their presidential campaigns.

Donald Trump has been the most moderate on the issue, refusing to fault blame to either side in the conflict, stating “Let me be sort of a neutral guy … I don’t want to say whose fault is it. I don’t think it helps.”

After making that statement, attack ads blasted Trump as “neutral to Israel and its enemies.”

It may bother Americans, but it doesn’t seem to bother Israelis.

According to The Jerusalem Post, If Israelis could vote in the American elections, they would want either a President Hillary Clinton or a President Donald Trump, according to findings from the Israeli Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University’s monthly Peace Index poll, released on Sunday.

Of the Democratic Party candidates, 40.5 percent of survey respondents said they prefer Clinton“from Israel’s standpoint.” As for Bernie Sanders, 16.5% prefer him, while 10% say both candidates would be bad for Israel.

When asked if Trump is “friendly to Israel,” 61% of Jewish Israelis responded in the affirmative.To the same question, 44% of Arab Israelis responded “I don’t know.”

Of the Jewish respondents, 34% said that they think a Republican president would be better for Israel, while 28% said the same of a Democratic president. An opposite phenomenon was seen among Arab Israeli respondents when asked which party would be more pro-Israel.

What draws them to Trump? Who knows, but maybe people will stop comparing him to Hitler for at least a little while.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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