After last night’s debate, I’d like to ask every black Democrat this ONE question…

I have to ask, when will the black community stop allowing itself to be used as victims by the Democrat Party?

It has been some sixty years since the Great Society programs of Democrat President Lyndon Johnson. If you consider the plight of our urban centers today, there’s been a defined decline in the black community in this period. A simple assessment of the leadership of all major urban centers in America will show liberal progressive leadership, actually, lack thereof, and the effects have been horrific for the black community.

And so it goes on, as the Democrat candidates for president conducted their debate in Flint, Michigan and you’d think we’re still in the age of slavery – which just so you know, was a Democrat Party endeavor. Why is it that the Democrat Party is trying to blame the Flint River water issue on the Michigan GOP governor?

How is it that the entire Flint municipal governance structure is not the target of the liberal progressive angst? Well, because the Democrats run that city. Why aren’t the Democrats addressing the failure of the EPA? Because it would point to the failure of big government agencies.

Even the GOP presidential debate was held in Detroit, but just think how Detroit has suffered under Democrat leadership. Detroit, that once great American city and model of our industrialism and productive industry is now a distant shell of itself. The GOP candidates should have clearly identified the failures of the Democrats in the inner city, namely Detroit. During the Democrat debate the abject pandering to the black vote was utterly disgusting. There was no acknowledgment of the fact that the travails of the black community have been at the hands of the Democrats.

We have this fabricated movement called Black Lives Matter, funded by progressive socialists, but do they really care about black lives? The facts speak for themselves. This faux organization does nothing to confront the issue of black-on-black crime. When was the last time you saw them protesting about the murder of blacks by blacks in Chicago, Baltimore or Washington D.C.? Nah, that doesn’t matter; it’s best to focus on the false narrative of an animus by police. Yet, when a law enforcement officer is gunned down by a black person, there’s not a sound.

As well, where is Black Lives Matter when it comes to the abhorrent and genocidal murders of some 13 to 15 million black babies since Roe v Wade? And you’re not going to hear either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton address that issue in the black community. And when was the last time anyone asked about the perspectives of the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, towards the black community?

The socioeconomic issues in the black community are deplorable: employment, poverty, out of wedlock births, decimation of the family. So why does the black community march like mindless lemmings over the cliff following the lead of the Democrat Party? Is it some sick Stockholm Syndrome effect that has taken hold after all these years of being told they’re victims and cannot reach the golden ring? Does the black community not understand the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expect different results?

However, much of the fault does lie with the Republican Party who stopped speaking of the shared principles and values in the black community. The GOP stopped delivering the message of faith, family, education, individual responsibility, small business entrepreneurship, and service to the nation into the black community.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party talk about charter schools, school choice, school vouchers, educational savings accounts? That isn’t happening folks because the Democrat Party is owned by the American Federation of Teachers and the National Educators Association (AFT/NEA), teachers unions. So why does the black community stand by the party that isn’t for better educational opportunities for their children?

No one invests all of their money into one investment account, they diversify a portfolio if they want financial success. So why would the black community invest all of their political capital into a party whose return on investment is negative?

The progressive socialists of this new Democrat Socialist Party has created a new type of plantation, an economic one, focused on economic enslavement, not empowerment. It’s a plantation that preaches the poison of victimization, not of being a victor. How long will American blacks fall for this charade?

I can tell you when you speak with blacks who’ve come to America from the West Indies or Africa, namely Nigeria and Ethiopia, they don’t accept the rhetoric of liberal progressive subjugation and dependence. They came to America for the equality of opportunities afforded, as long as one has the drive, determination, and will to be part of the great American endeavor of exceptionalism and achievement.

They reject the policies of equality of outcomes as determined by the purveyors of the Participation Trophy.

I think the black community needs to remember that the “First Black President” was the fella who cancelled the DC school voucher program in April 2009. Yet, his progeny attend the exclusive Sidwell Friends School. Yes, I’m a proud black conservative, because that’s how my parents raised me. I’m not looking to any liberal progressive to decide what I’m capable of achieving. I, and my wife Dr. Angela Graham-West, have happily evaded the new economic plantation, and we shall ensure that our daughters do as well.

When will the black community stop listening to the charlatans and gatekeepers paid by the liberal left to keep them down, blaming the “Republican white man” for their travails? The history of the Democrat Party in America evidences a clear disdain for the black community. It voted against the 13th Amendment. It is supported the physical chains of bondage, and today, supports the policies which create the metaphysical chains of bondage, economic bondage.

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