We just found out WHY Trump skipped out on CPAC…

We reported yesterday that Donald Trump had announced (at the last minute) that he was canceling his appearance at CPAC, the large annual national gathering of conservatives. He was supposed to speak today.

Yesterday, Kasich and Cruz spoke to promote their campaigns – and Rubio will be speaking later today.

After a hostile debate on Thursday, many speculated that Trump was “afraid” of the audience at CPAC (which, from my perspective as an attendee, seems to favor Cruz, then Rubio).

As the Gateway Pundit reported however, Trump may have a legitimate reason.

Likely factoring into Trump’s decision was a planned protest walkout during his speech at CPAC and the need to have a campaign presence in Kansas.

The organizer of the walkout, William Temple, who parades around CPAC in colonial garb, told BizPacReview he expected one thousand CPAC attendees to participate in the Trump walkout.

Temple organized a similar walkout last year during Jeb Bush’s speech at CPAC that drew around 300 protesters.

Even if the protest were staged, who doubts this would be reported in the media as an uncoordinated revolt against Trump?

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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