BREAKING: 2016 GOP Candidate Drops out of Race at CPAC

Ben Carson has just made it official. While he announced Wednesday he would bow out of last night’s debate and didn’t see a path forward, he stopped short then of saying he was ending his campaign.

Moments ago, from the stage of CPAC, Ben Carson confirmed he is indeed leaving the campaign trail.

Though he did not endorse a fellow candidate, he told the warm crowd what they should be considering when choosing their president:

1. Significant accomplishment in their life

2. Ideas and policies that are clear

3. How they treat others and their family — because that is how they will treat you, the people

4. What have they done for America?

5. Look at the people that they work with. Who are those people and what do they have to say? How are they able to collaborate with people?

6. Ethical — we need ‘trickle-down ethics’

The audience showed appreciation for Carson and warmly applauded his contributions to this campaign and the dialogue in this cycle. I join them in that.

Carson added that when he knew without a doubt that there was no path for him, he didn’t want to “interfere with the process.” Amen to that!

Who’s next?!

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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