While everyone focuses on the GOP implosion, there’s ANOTHER mess the candidates better address…

I know many are focused on the presidential primary contests – and Mitt Romney’s attack on Donald Trump — but we must keep an eye on the world that someone will inherit from the failures of Barack Obama.

There’s supposedly a ceasefire in Syria but someone forgot to tell the Islamic jihadists. As reported by Fox8Live, “Opposition activists say a car bomb in southern Syria has killed at least 18 rebels including the commander of a U.S.-backed armed opposition group.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the car bomb exploded Wednesday afternoon in the southern village of Asheh, in Quneitra province, killing at least 18 fighters.

A Quneitra-based opposition activist who goes by the name of Abu Omar al-Golani says that 20 fighters were killed in the blast, including the commander of the Syria Revolutionaries Front, Capt. Abu Hamza al-Naimi.

He says the blast went off when several commanders were meeting at the group’s office in Asheh.

The Syria Revolutionaries Front is a moderate rebel group that was largely crushed in northern Syria in late 2014 by al-Qaida’s Syrian branch, known as the Nusra Front.”

We’ve shared here previously the proliferation of Islamic jihadists groups arrayed across Syria. This base of operations is not just about ISIS but a conglomeration of Sunni militant groups that have emerged to take advantage of the chaotic situation in Syria to depose Bashar Assad. Once again, just as in Egypt, the Obama administration failed to recognize the long term strategic objective of Islamic terrorist groups — to destabilize secular leadership in the Middle East and replace it with a growing caliphate.

The events of the Middle East may just be spiraling beyond any possibility of resolution. As each day passes, we see America with less influence and impact in the region. We’ve ceded much control to Iran, and Russia is in support of Iran, as they are both in support of Assad. You just have to ask, why didn’t we bring together a real coalition and provide a “safe space” with air cover? We’ve deployed U.S. Special Operators right into the middle of this maelstrom, and as we shared, the Obama administration has begged Russia not to bomb the areas where they’re “training.”

This situation has become so convoluted it resembles the ol’ Abbott and Costello “who’s on first” comedy routine. Turkey, which has been supporting Sunni terrorist groups in Syria against Assad, now claims to be striking ISIS targets.

What Turkey is actually doing is striking Kurdish formations because they don’t want to see a strong Kurdistan. America is supporting the Kurds — or at least we say we are. Russia is on the ground to prop up Assad and the Turks shot down a Russian combat aircraft, stating their airspace was violated.

Iran is represented on the ground by the terrorist-designated Quds Force along with another Islamic terrorist organization, Hezbollah. Iran has received billions of dollars in sanctions relief and unfrozen financial assets from America, which will go to fund the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

Iran claims it will destroy the “Zionist state,” our supposed ally Israel. But America has is allowing Iran to go into negotiations with Russia to purchase new T-90 tanks and new state-of-the art fighter aircraft — along with the venerable S-300 surface-to-air missile system. And America isn’t talking about reinstating sanctions against Iran, but instead we’re allowing European allies to implement boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

America claims to be supporting moderate Syrian rebel groups, but the Islamic terrorist groups funded by Turkey and Qatar are killing the fellas we’re supposedly training. Meanwhile, we released five senior Taliban leaders to Qatar.

I think you get where I’m going with this. This is like a really bad gumbo and we must ask ourselves, who can take the lead as president of these United States, quickly surmise this situation and implement a focused policy solution? Who can interject himself into this morass and with strength of will and determination quell this brewing volcano?

And for those who truly believe we should just sit back and allow them to all kill themselves, that is not a strategy. Folks, this is not about perpetual war; it’s about deterring Islamic terror and the state actors who would seek to support their endeavors. This is about rebuilding trust and confidence with the regional allies and developing a true alliance of the capable and willing to destroy the enemies of liberty and freedom. You may ask, what about Syrian regime change, but I don’t see that as an objective.

Our objective should be simple: find Islamic jihadist groups and destroy them where they are — deny them any sanctuary, interdict their flow of men, materiel, and resource support — including financial resources. We need to clearly identify their ideology and delegitimize it and cast aside the insidious constraints of political correctness.

Now, here is what I want you all to understand. We are only talking about one area of operations here, Syria. I haven’t mentioned West Africa and Boko Haram. I haven’t addressed North Africa with al-Qaida in the Maghreb, ISIS, and Ansar al-Sharia. We have the Taliban, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa and Al Quds Martyrs Brigade, al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, Jemaat al-Islamiya, Abu Sayyaf…

Ladies and gents, Barack Obama came to office and decided that campaign promises were more important than the reality of the enemy. He will leave someone to contend with a global Islamic jihad. And you still have Iran, Russia, China, and North Korea — you just have to wonder, when will something erupt in South America?

The car bomb attack in southern Syria demonstrates one thing: “moderate Syrian rebel lives don’t matter” to Barack Obama. So who’d want to stand with America at this time? Even the man who ID’d Osama bin Laden, Dr. Shakil Afridi, sits in a Pakistan jail, sentenced for 33 years for treason. And folks support Hillary Clinton despite her issues with trustworthiness? C’mon folks, what are you thinking?


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