Hoo-boy: Jesse Ventura THREATENS what he’ll do if Bernie doesn’t win the nomination

The reality show that is the 2016 election may bring on a new contender.

Former Minnesota governor, professional wrestler, and conspiracy theorist Jesse Ventura has expressed interest in entering the race. The last time Ventura was in the news was when he won a defamation lawsuit against “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, which attracted criticism as it was posthumously won.

So when will be enter? Only if Bernie Sanders is voted off the Island.

The Daily Beast

“They’re setting the groundwork for me because if Bernie loses, by the time we get to June, how sick are the people going to be of all these people,” he said while dressed in a Jimi Hendrix shirt under a blazer and SEALs beanie.

“See, I’m an independent and I despise the two parties,” Ventura, who speaks as if he is prepared to tackle you, continued. “I love what Trump’s doing to the Republicans. He’s got them in complete disarray. In fact, it looks like the WWE when you watch their debates.”

As for who will prevail in the Minnesota caucus (tonight), Ventura really could not say.

“I support the revolution of what’s happening here,” Ventura said after telling a local that he worked for most “level-headed” news outlet (RT America). “There’s three things where I stand with Bernie on more so than Trump. Number one is campaign finance reform,” two is “the war,” and three is ending the War on Drugs.

In what’s a bit of an oddity: Ventura has previously said (in August 2015) that he wanted to be Trump’s running mate. And in 2004 on Wrestlemania XX, Trump and Ventura crossed paths, Ventura asking Trump “if he would have his ‘moral and financial support’ if he were to run for office.” Trump replied: “100 percent.” Something tells me he won’t be making good on that promise.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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