Ben Carson reveals the ONLY reason he’ll drop out…

The Republican field has dwindled down to the final five, though based on how the candidates were treated at the last debate, you’d think we were down to the final three.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio enjoyed the majority of the speaking time, while John Kasich and Ben Carson stood by as background decoration.

Kasich will likely be the next to hit the road, as he’s staying in the race for mainly symbolic reasons. He says he’ll drop out if he loses Ohio (his home state) to Trump, though it’s not like winning Ohio would make any difference for his campaign. He only has 6 delegates, compared to Trump’s 82.

Ben Carson has even fewer, just four, but expresses no desire to exit the race. In fact, if his supporters enable it, he’ll stay in the race until the very end.

Via MediaiteIn an op-ed published Monday on Fox News, entitled “Why I intend to stay in the GOP presidential race,” the retired neurosurgeon and book tour impresario said his decision to continue receiving campaign contributions was a matter of standing up for American principles and also for his supporters’ right to keep sending him checks.

“I’ve vowed to continue our campaign as long as we have revenue and support,” Carson wrote, “until the people have decided.”

Nonetheless, Carson asserts that reports of his candidacy’s death have been exaggerated and that a spiteful punditocracy and dirty politics are to blame.

“Unfortunately,” he wrote, “these pundits have gotten too lost in the gladiatorial spectacle to see what truly matters: the will of ‘We the People’ of America.”

Carson justifies staying in the race by saying that pundits want to “call the game after the first inning,” and that he’s got “a ways to go yet.” Looking at the delegate counts so far, he couldn’t be more right about having a long way to go.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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