OUCH: Hillary may have won last night, but she won’t admit one BRUTAL fact…

Hillary Clinton trounced Bernie Sanders last night in the South Carolina primary, receiving nearly three times as many votes as the socialist from Vermont.

At this point there’s no denying Hillary’s the Democrat nominee, but her margin of support over Sanders hardly indicates popularity against the Republican she’ll run against (likely Trump). Donald Trump has an energized base, and as the Daily Caller reports, last night’s primary revealed that Hillary’s base is anything but enthused.

Democrats have seen a 26 percent decrease in the number of voters and caucusgoers who have showed up to the polls this year compared to 2008, when the party last had a competitive primary race.

The overall voter turnout must set off alarms for her campaign, as well as for the Democratic party. Whereas 532,000 South Carolina Democrats voted in 2008, only 367,000 showed up Saturday.

That’s a 31 percent decline.

Last week’s Nevada caucuses saw a similar fall. An estimated 120,000 caucusgoers showed up in 2008 compared to 80,000 this cycle — a 33 percent ding. Clinton bested Sanders in that contest as well.

All told, about 1.18 million Democrats across those first four states went to the polls in 2008. Just under 870,000 showed up this go-round.That 26 percent slide mirrors the increase on the GOP side.

Just over 1 million showed up to the first four caucuses and primaries in 2012. This cycle, nearly 1.27 million Republicans have cast a vote.

By contrast, the 34,000 votes Trump received in the Nevada primary was larger than the total number of voters who turned out for the 2012 primary in that State. While Trump and Hillary are both polarizing figures, there’s an enthusiasm gap between the candidates, and it’s not going to favor Hillary.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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