What ISIS is doing to women with this tool will make you SICK

Among the ranks of ISIS is the Al-Khansaa Brigade, an all-female police force that ISIS deploys to enforce Sharia Law. How progressive of them.

The brigade mainly ensures women are covered in public, and don’t travel without a male companion. VICE news reported in a recent mini-documentary on the Islamic State that female police often disguise themselves among other women in public to monitor for dissent against the terror group.

It’s barely understandable why women would ever choose to join an organization as anti-woman as ISIS. Not surprisingly, these women are no less soulless than ISIS’ male jihadists.

As the Daily Mail reports:

A former school teacher who fled ISIS in Iraq has described how a metal torture device known as ‘the Biter’ causes pain ‘worse than childbirth’.

The tool has been described as a device similar to a hunting trap – a metal clamping jaw with sharp teeth that cut into the flesh of the victim.

The brutal instrument, also known as ‘the Clipper’, is reportedly used to punish women in the ISIS-held city of Mosul, when they venture out with any skin on show.


And now Fatima, who fled the terrorist stronghold told the Independent how her sister was punished with ‘the Biter’ because she had gone outside with her hands on show after forgetting her gloves.

The 22-year-old, who is now a housewife said: ‘The Biter has become a nightmare for us. My sister was punished so harshly last month because she had forgotten her gloves and left them at home.

‘The bruises and scars are still visible on her arm. She said the biting punishment is more painful than labour.’

Like their ideology, the punishments ISIS deploys are right out of the dark ages.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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