SURPRISE! Obama administration just announced MAJOR change for sanctuary cities

Obama’s handling of immigration stands out as a failure of his administration. Lawless sanctuary cities now number in the hundreds, and Obama has fought attempts to crack down on them.

Deportations have been blocked by executive action, and violent illegal alien prisoners are set free.

So it’s a major surprise that the Obama administration is now claiming sanctuary cities are something worth fighting.

Via The Washington Times:

The Obama administration is preparing to crack down on sanctuary cities, Attorney General Loretta Lynch told Congress on Wednesday, saying she would try to stop federal grant money from going to jurisdictions that actively thwart agents seeking to deport illegal immigrants.

Her announcement marks a major policy reversal for the administration, which for years has opposed legislation that would have forced such a crackdown.

The federal Bureau of Prisons will now try to deport illegal immigrants rather than turn them over to sanctuary cities, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday in a bid to solve the situation that may have led to the death of Kathryn Steinle last summer.

Ms. Lynch also said she’ll begin an audit of sanctuary cities to see if they’re violating federal law, and those that are found to be actively stymying immigration agents’ work could lose grant funding.

The attorney general was responding to requests from Rep. John Culberson, a Texas Republican and chairman of the spending subcommittee that oversees the Justice Department.

“This is a very significant change, and we’re deeply grateful,” Mr. Culberson said.

He said his staff would provide a list to Ms. Lynch of cities and counties that try to thwart deportations, and he hopes the Justice Department will follow up on that list.

God knows what explains this reversal. I seriously doubt the Obama administration was enlightened on immigration policy by the Trump campaign.

I won’t buy it until President Obama utters the phrase, “if you like your sanctuary city, you can keep your sanctuary city.”

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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