With all eyes on the GOP slugfest, Hillary just did the UNTHINKABLE in South Carolina…

Unthinkable — or, perhaps, unseeable.

Hillary Clinton, on the trail in South Carolina last night, was trying to overcome the horrific trifecta of actually having to fight to win the Democrat primary she thought was hers; facing actual scrutiny and tough questions from the liberal media (shock!); and dealing with surprise confrontations with key liberal voters. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget FBI investigation, which now apparently involves the Department of Justice, into her mishandling of classified information as secretary of state.

So naturally, the Queen hit the floor to dance her cares away. Unfortunately, it was captured on camera.

WARNING: This cannot be unseen, so proceed at your own risk.

Via The American Mirror:

There’s a classic Seinfeld episode in which Elaine dances at a work party, employing her thumbs and little kicks in a routine that Kramer dubbed a “full body dry heave.”

Something similar was on display in South Carolina Thursday night.

Hillary Clinton danced. In front of cameras.

She kicked things off with a little head bob, feeling the grooves of Charlie Wilson. After warming up, she broke out a reverse hand wave, as if brushing aside Bernie Sanders’ attempt to steal the coronation from her, along with the unwashed masses sharing the same ballroom with her.

“Go Hillary! Go Hillary” the audience chanted.

Some observed that perhaps the crowd was actually shouting, “NO Hillary! NO Hillary!” Which certainly seems more appropriate to the occasion — or just about any occasion involving Hillary Clinton, for that matter.

She flashed a classic Clinton thumbs-up.

It’s not the first time Hillary’s been caught on camera with her odd moves. Back in August, she was seen using similar hand gyrations at a Martha’s Vineyard birthday party.

Bill was seen clapping off beat, and Hillary — poor Hillary — doing some sort of jazz hands routine. Bill adds some half-hearted fist twirls, standing closer to another woman as Hillary shimmied and swayed.

It’s something you might see at a senior center, not a hip party with rockin’ music on Martha’s Vineyard.

Hillary Clinton even trying to pretend she’s “one of us” and likes to let “loose” on the dance floor is just another painful example of how completely tone-deaf — or, in this case, groove-challenged — she is.

Where is her campaign staff dragging her out of view of the cameras and telling her STOP!?

Clearly, supporting Hillary Clinton, despite all of the glaring evidence against her, requires a special kind of blindness on so many levels.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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