BREAKING: Chris Christie makes MASSIVE presidential endorsement; heads are exploding

After the first Republican debates it was noted that Chris Christie refused to attack one candidate: Donald Trump. When Christie recently dropped out, political columnist Jon Ward said farewell to the only candidate with the “combination of quick wit, charisma and gravitas necessary to stand up to Trump one on one.” Regardless of how well he would’ve performed against Trump, he still remained in the bottom of the pack of Republican candidates and had no choice but to drop out.

The old saying is “if you can’t beat them, join them,” and that’s exactly what Christie is doing today as he announces his support for Donald Trump as president.

Earlier this month, Allahpundit from HotAir predicted that Christie would eventually endorse Trump, since both Kasich and Bush were obvious losers, and he wouldn’t endorse someone he just branded a robot.

In his words, what such an endorsement means for Trump is “a symbolically valuable vote of confidence in his qualifications to be president from someone who’s governed a state. That’s the one thing Trump needs to impress undecided skeptics that he can’t quite manufacture on his own — legitimacy, the idea that it’s not nuts to prefer him to a senator or governor. Christie would instantly be the biggest endorsement Trump has landed and would, if Trump is smart, get plenty of face time on cable as a surrogate on Trump’s behalf.

Will voters see it this way? Only time will tell.

Watch the full endorsement here:

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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