Liberal lunacy: Look what gets you BANNED from Twitter now…

Every aspect of life is slowly making its way onto the Internet – and that includes one of the more absurd creations of modern society: the safe space.

This month, Twitter spawned a “Trust and Safety Council.” If the Orwellian name was any hint, the council is bent on censoring any “unwelcome” opinions on Twitter under the guise of preventing harassment.

The council has dozens of members, the most notable being Anita Sarkeesian, the controversial feminist media critic who fronts the organization Feminist Frequency. Sarkeesian is in the camp of individuals who conflates someone disagreeing with her as someone harassing her.

If you need any more proof that Twitter’s “safety” council is intended more to fight hurt feelings than harassment, just look at what you can report someone for under Twitter’s new rules.

Via the Daily Caller, here’s what will get you kicked off Twitter nowadays:


Yes – how dare you use Twitter to…. express a differing opinion! With the number of users totaling in the hundreds of millions, I think there’s going to be some disagreement between members on one issue or another.

The safe space phenomenon is one seen exclusively on the left. We never see the same thing from the right, because our beliefs are actually defensible.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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