Media SILENT: But the man who shot 3 deputies yesterday was…

Yesterday we reported on the tragic shooting of three sheriff’s deputies in Colorado. Corporal Nate Carrigan, a 13-year veteran of the Park County Sheriff’s Office was killed at the scene. A second officer was wounded and remains in critical condition after sustaining life-threatening injuries. A third suffered only a minor injury with a bullet grazing his ear.

In all, according to the Daily Mail, Eight officers went to the snow-covered two-story home in a hillside neighborhood north of the town of Bailey to serve what authorities described as a ‘high-risk’ eviction notice.

They were there to evict 58-year-old Martin Wirth — an Occupy activist — who was refusing to leave his home after foreclosure.


Wirth owned the home until March 2014, when Fannie Mae, the government-controlled mortgage company, took ownership after he lost a court battle over his foreclosure. according to The Denver Post. After Wirth lost his case in state court, he sued Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, the state attorney general and a judge in 2013.

He asked a federal judge to block Park County from selling his home, evicting him or forcibly entering the house and to strike down several state laws. A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit last September.

A website by a group called the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition [part of the Occupy movement] includes undated posts that called for supporters to join Wirth in ‘non-violent eviction resistance.’ The website includes a video of a man identified as Wirth railing against mortgage companies as criminals.

Wirth ran for the state Senate in 2014 as a Green Party candidate, but he lost to an incumbent Republican.

Yep, another crazy, right-wing, Christian, clinging to his guns. Sorry liberals, he was one of yours.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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