SICK: New York Times say this is the only thing that ENDS Trump’s campaign

With Donald Trump’s momentum seemingly unstoppable — and many now predicting he will be the GOP nominee — “Stop Trump” strategies are rampant from both the right and the left.

While some suggest Democrats register as Republicans and get behind Rubio, others are trying to expose cracks in Trump himself (e.g., Mitt Romney suggesting there’s a “bombshell” in Trump’s taxes).

But one New York Times columnist is causing outrage with his suggestion of what might stop Trump.

Via InfoWars:

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat caused outrage after he joked about how an assassination attempt could end Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“Good news guys I’ve figured out how the Trump campaign ends,” Douthat tweeted last night.

The tweet links to a video clip from the 1983 movie The Dead Zone, which features a character played by Christopher Walken attempting to gun down a political figure played by Martin Sheen.

In the plot, Walken’s character tries to kill the US Senatorial candidate (played by Sheen) because he has visions of him becoming president in the future and starting a nuclear war. Sheen’s character holds up his baby as a human shield during the assassination attempt, destroying his credibility.

While joking about an assassination attempt on any public figure is crass, it’s particularly relevant with Trump because he faces a very real threat of being targeted.

As we previously highlighted, according to his former advisor Roger Stone, Trump now wears a bullet proof vest at all public appearance due to the sheer volume of death threats he receives on a regular basis.

Trump first began wearing the vest in October last year after after reportsthat the world’s most wanted drug lord El Chapo had put a $100 million bounty on his head. He also received Secret Service protection at around this time.

Following his controversial comments on Muslim immigration back in December, Twitter exploded with death threats aimed at Trump.

Of course, reaction to anything negative about Trump sparks a firestorm of reaction from loyal supporters. And this sick joke from Dothan rightfully caused outrage.


NYT sink lower

Disgusting sick

Douthat supposedly bills himself as a conservative, but in his latest column for the New York Times he suggests  “President Hillary” would be a better choice for America than “our own nuclear-armed Berlusconi.” Of course, “conservative” in the New York Times is all relative in any case.

But Douthat’s “joke” is just sick any way you look at it.

Cue the outrage… Wait, what? Crickets? Good ol’ double standards.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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