Here’s the REAL reason Obama’s closing GITMO…the one the media won’t tell you

Campaign promises should never be the basis for development of a national security strategy — that is one of the evident lessons from these years of President Barack Obama. You cannot be such a rigid ideologue that you fail to recognize the enemy has a very determining vote — and will cast it.

Now what I’m saying makes no sense to liberal progressive socialists. But for those who have a functioning brain, it’s obvious what I am presenting. First of all, let’s be clear: President Obama, who recently has been talking about his “constitutional obligations,” has no enumerated power — according to Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution — to deal in matters concerning captures on land and sea. Secondly, the global conflagration against Islamic jihadism has not ended because President Obama said so, and it’s not a law enforcement action.

Nonetheless, Fox news reports, “President Obama detailed Tuesday a four-point plan he’ll submit to Congress to eventually close the detention facility at Guantanamo, Cuba — a plan that includes releasing more of the remaining 91 detainees, while transferring others to an as-yet determined facility on U.S. soil. Much of the president’s plan, which represents a final effort to fulfill his 2008 campaign pledge to close the facility, still must be approved by Congress, and includes:

— The “careful” transfer of 35 detainees to overseas countries;

— Accelerating the review process for the roughly 56 remaining detainees to see whether they’re eligible for transfer;
— Using “all of the legal tools” available to resolve the cases of detainees in the commission process; and,
— Work with Congress to select a secure transfer location on U.S. soil.

“We can improve our security, uphold our highest values around the world and save Americans money in the process,” Obama said in introductory remarks meant to frame the four key points.”

No, we do not improve our security by releasing these unlawful enemy combatants back onto the battlefield, where they have a 30 percent recidivism rate. Our “highest values” are maintained by keeping these Islamic terrorists from returning to bring about death to more people around the world. And when it comes to saving money, you’d have thought the Obama administration would consider that as they spent $45 million on gas stations in Afghanistan and train 50 Syrian rebels, all of whom save 5 or 6 were killed or captured by the enemy.

And if we hear one more time that GITMO is a terrorist recruiting tool, our collective heads should explode. The only person touting this false narrative is President Obama himself — obviously he believes it — but the rest of us do not. Ok, well maybe his loyal choir members believe this lie too…

A new facility would cost as much as $475 million to build. Obama said closing the facility would be less of a “drain” on U.S. military resources and save taxpayers $85 million annually, and as much as $1.7 billion over 20 years.

He also suggested that the facility has outlived its usefulness and become a dark spot on U.S. foreign policy, considering allies point out some detainees have been held for perhaps as long as 15 years without receiving a verdict in their military commission trials.

Obama also argued that terror groups are using the issue of detention without an expedient trial as a “propaganda tool” to recruit more members.

The facility at GITMO was built to detain these unlawful enemy combatants. As long as jihadists want to fight and kill us, GITMO has usefulness. They are not prisoners of war because they’re not state actors but rather non-state belligerents captured on a battlefield. They don’t deserve trials but as long as there exists a declared global Islamic jihad, GITMO will be their home. This is not a “dark spot” on U.S. Foreign Policy — having ten Sailors on their knees at gun point and then telling their captors thanks is a dark spot on our foreign policy.

Here’s the fundamental question someone needs to ask President Obama: does he believe that going forward we should just “arrest” these jihadists and return them to the U.S.? Are they supposed to be granted constitutional rights and have some “day in court?”

But has anyone stopped to consider the damaging effects on those men who sacrificed to remove these individuals from the battlefield? You know, those who gave their all to defeat al-Qaida in Iraq only to have Obama’s campaign promise betray their efforts and allow ISIS to be born? You know, those brave Warriors who fought, bled, and died in Afghanistan, a place Obama called “a just war,” only now to have the Taliban control more territory than ever since 2001? How do those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines feel to know that for this commander in chief, releasing the enemy is more important to him than taking care of the veterans of our Republic? Ask yourself, does anyone believe that going forward our men and women in these combat zones should risk their lives to capture these savage barbarians…just to have a president who will release them?

President Obama sees this as some very bad version of “Free Willie” and he’ll feel good watching these murderous psychopaths swim off back into the wild.

The only good thing about what Barack Obama is trying to do is that he’s made this an issue for the 2016 presidential election. Either you believe we’re engaged in a global combat operation against Islamic jiahdism or not. And if you don’t believe we are, you cannot be president. If you equivocate on whether we are and agree with Obama that GITMO is a recruiting tool, you certainly cannot be president. If you believe this is a law enforcement endeavor and we need to just read Islamic terrorists their rights and set a court date, you are delusional.

I’ve said it before, and will say so again: President Barack Obama is an Islamist sympathizer. Anyone who parrots the insidious tale that imprisoning Islamic jihadists aids their efforts serves only one purpose — to provide material support, aid and comfort to the enemy.

These terrorists do not deserve repatriation; they must be kept off the battlefield for as long as their jihadists brethren wage war and jihad — and don’t give me that personal internal struggle bovine excrement.

Congress has the enumerated power and perhaps, I pray, they’ll find the courage to tell Barack Obama to go play golf..GITMO stays as it is!

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