We just found out which Republican will drop out next…

After a brief surge, Ben Carson has consistently resided at the back of the pack of Republican candidates.

We recently reported that while Carson may have had the intention for remaining in the race as long as possible regardless of polls, he’s severely cash constrained, and is thus the most likely candidate to drop out next.

Politico‘s latest report confirms our suspicions, and puts a date on Carson’s eventual dropout:

Ben Carson is under pressure to drop his presidential bid after a string of back-of-the-pack primary finishes, but he’s insisting to allies that he plans to hold on through Super Tuesday.

But that stand is likely to be his last, according to people close to the Carson camp who say more disappointing results in the conservative, mostly Southern states voting on March 1 would be the decisive blow to force the candidate out.

“I think Super Tuesday, March 1, is going to be a moment of truth,” said Armstrong Williams, a Carson friend and confidant, describing the day when a dozen, mostly Southern states cast their ballots.

“I think his position will be very clear by Super Tuesday,” said Timothy McDaniel, a longtime family friend of Carson and his wife, Candy Carson. “Ben and Candy are under a lot of pressure.”

Carson remains in last place with a total of eight delegates won – the same as Jeb Bush when he dropped out.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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