UNREAL: Look what just caused a RIOT in this refugee camp…

In a Belgian refugee camp, tensions were already building between Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees. In the latest multicultural faux pas, a young woman not wearing a headscraft turned into the catalyst that escalated tensions into all-out fighting.

As the Daily Caller reports:

An Luyten, a Red Cross worker at the camp, confirmed for Flanders News that 11 people were arrested. Seven people were reported injured.

“The Syrians sided with the young woman, while the Afghans and Iraqis were on the other side,” Luyten said. “The four that were part of the core portion [responsible] have been transferred to a detention center.”

Luyten said the riots came as a surprise for volunteers at the camp, and that several Syrian girls walk around without headscarfs. She had no explanation for why this girl’s choice of clothing was particularly disturbing.

“You may call this strange, because several other girls were also not wearing a headscarf,” Luyten said. “It is not clear why they were after this girl in particular.”

A video of the riot can be viewed below:

When riots are caused by something as trivial as this, it’s increasingly hard to believe refugees will ever assimilate into Western society.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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