Uh oh: STUNNING new poll could signal the END for Cruz…

Polls, schmolls… even if we take them with a grain of salt, we can’t help but keep an eye on the myriad polls trying to predict this election cycle that continues to defy prediction. Hard to know which ones to believe, especially when they often tell completely different stories.

Such is the case with two new Texas polls out today. Of course, as Sen. Ted Cruz’s home state, Texas is a must-win for him. So if one of these polls proves to be accurate, it could signal the end for candidate Cruz. On the other hand, a different poll paints a markedly more bullish picture for Cruz in the Lone Star State.

Via RedState:

If this poll is accurate – and I stress that’s a big if – it pretty much spells the end of the line for Cruz. Cruz has been counting on a win in Texas to keep him from falling into an insurmountable delegate hole to Donald Trump. According to this Emerson poll, Cruz has now been caught in Texas not only by Donald Trump, but also by Marco Rubio.

The top line results are as follows:

  • Cruz 29%
  • Trump 28%
  • Rubio 25%

Meanwhile, a new Houston Public Media/University of Houston survey released today shows Sen. Cruz with the biggest lead yet in Texas — 15 points — over Trump. As The Hill reports:

Ted Cruz has a wide lead over Donald Trump in Texas ahead of his home state’s GOP presidential primary on Super Tuesday, according to a new poll.

Cruz commands a 15-point edge over Trump in the Houston Public Media/University of Houston survey released Wednesday. 

About 35 percent of likely Texas Republican primary voters plan on backing Cruz, pollsters found in the Houston Public Media survey. Trump ranks second with 20 percent, followed by 8 percent for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and 7 percent for retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

About 19 percent remain undecided, pollsters added.

The Real Clear Politics average of Texas polls shows Cruz about 5 points ahead in the Lonestar State. 

Of course, neither of these polls factor in today’s endorsement of Ted Cruz by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. As a relatively popular governor (59% approval as of November 2015), this endorsement could serve as a much-needed boost for Cruz.

Given Donald Trump’s hat trick in the last three contests, the pressure is on all the other candidates for Super Tuesday next week. Texas is important any way you slice it — and for no one more than Ted Cruz.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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