Cowards? There’s ONE thing the GOP WON’T do to Donald Trump

There’s one candidate no Republican will dare attack, and it’s not who you’d think.

Logically speaking, it would make sense no money is going towards attacking candidates who have little to no chance of winning (according to the polls): Kasich, Carson, and the plethora of candidates who’ve already dropped out.

The identity of the candidate however, is the one whose supporters (and maybe even his opponents) have labeled “unstumpable.” As HotAir reported:

The party’s collective shrug over Mr. Trump since he entered the presidential race last summer, and its stubborn unwillingness to treat him as a serious threat, is reflected by the paltry sum that both campaigns and outside groups have devoting to undermining him.

In a presidential campaign during which “super PACs” spent $215 million, just $9.2 million, or around 4 percent, was dedicated to attacking Mr. Trump, even as he dominated the polls for months.

The reason could quite possibly be fear of retaliation. As Mark Steyn put it, Trump took down Jeb Bush, a $100 million dollar candidate, with an adjective.

And Trump wouldn’t have any trouble matching his opponents dollar for dollar in the attack ads. The $215 million spent so far is less than Trump’s annual salary.

During the debates Trump is the target of more attacks than any other candidate – but when it comes to putting money where their mouths are, no candidate will dare attack him.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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