WAKE UP: While everyone obsesses about Apple, this is happening in Libya…

So we have Barack Obama in the White House while Hillary Clinton wants to be in the White House — actually Bill Clinton is the one who REALLY wants to get back in there. I remember leading up to the 2012 presidential election, folks were touting Obama’s strength in foreign policy — yes, delusion runs rampant. And now apparently the same folks are championing the foreign policy “experience” of one Hillary Clinton — after all, she did fly all over the world. Perhaps we should have her as the Capitol One airline travel spokesperson or she could replace William Shatner as the voice of Priceline.com?

Regardless, considering Hillary Clinton for president after her horrific record as secretary of state is, well, as Spock would say, fascinating. The little toy box Clinton gave to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has truly panned out to be a great success. And then there’s the insidious venture into Libya, supporting the Islamist groups who eventually murdered Muammar Gaddafi…and who eventually murdered four Americans. So the venerable Obama-Clinton team of foreign policy gurus completely destabilized the nation of Libya and had no follow-up plan — brilliant. Well, someone had a follow-up plan and it’s now exacerbating the deteriorating situation in the Middle East — now into the Maghreb.

As reported by Military Times, “The U.S. airstrike on Islamic State militants in Libya on [last] Friday is fueling a belief that the war-torn north African state is emerging as a new front in the western-backed fight against the extremist group. But the way ahead for any military campaign there remains unclear.

For the other main fronts against the Islamic State — in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan — the U.S. has in place a key element to a full-scale military campaign: local ground-level allies to help defeat the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

But in Libya, there’s hardly any sign of a prospective local partner amid the civil war that rages between rival tribes, extremist groups and loyalists to the previous government.

“The key is going to be finding willing, competent partners on the ground,” said retired Adm. James Stavridis, NATO’s former supreme allied commander who in 2011 oversaw the U.S.-led air campaign in Libya, an operation that resulted in the death of dictator Muammar Gaddafi and the collapse of an otherwise stable Libyan government.

“Once more factions come together, I would look for an upgun in the U.S. air campaign to support them,” Stavridis said.”

Interestingly enough we are not going to hear any criticism of Obama or Clinton emanating from the liberal progressive media. But could you imagine what would be said, especially in a presidential election cycle, if this were happening under a GOP presidency and administration? The incessant screams would be deafening about the failures and need for increased hearings on Libya. However, when it’s their guy or gal, meaning the progressive socialist left, you hear nothing — or the blame will somehow go to someone else.

In the case of Libya and ISIS, the responsibility and accountability rests squarely with two individuals — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And so the jayvee team has opened up another front and established yet another base of operations. And once again, it is ISIS setting up sanctuary in an area near oil production facilities.

So chalk it up to President Obama to have destabilized another nation and allowed for Islamic jihadists to take it over. And you know who has to be fuming about this? Egypt. The world’s largest Arab nation, Egypt, now finds itself sandwiched between Islamists to the west and the same to the east operating out of the Sinai Peninsula. Oops, I forget to mention the Iranian-backed jihadists of Hamas with whom Egypt shares a border.

The strike [last] Friday morning targeted an ISIS training camp in the coastal town of Sabratha, not far from Libya’s western border. It’s believed that up to 40 alleged militants were killed. Manned and unmanned U.S. aircraft, including Air Force F-15s based in Europe, carried out the mission, defense officials said. The strike also targeted a senior ISIS leader named Noureddine Chouchane, the apparent mastermind behind two deadly attacks on tourists in Tunisia.

The operation marks the second known strike on ISIS positions inside of Libya. The first, in mid-November, occurred in the coastal city of Derna and resulted in the apparent death of a top ISIS operative and several of his associates, U.S. officials said at the time.

I just have to smile because the Libyan coastal city of Derna is where U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon landed with his contingent of Marines during the Barbary War. So it appears history is truly repeating itself, and you just have to wonder when will be the next episode in the glorious American Marine history when they take the shores of Tripoli?

President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a certifiable mess of things all over the world — John Kerry has been no better. I just want to know, who in their right mind would support Obama at this point in his presidency…and who would want Hillary Clinton to be president? Then again, I did use the specific qualifier, who in their “right” mind…


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