NOT cool: This campaign “endorsement” was completely UNAUTHORIZED

Social media has transformed our society in immeasurable ways – both good and bad. Hardly any event goes unrecorded or unreported these days (unless it doesn’t feed a particular agenda – then it sinks like a stone).

We’re able to reach the far corners of the planet with messages and information. But the bad guys can do it too, as we’ve seen with the aggressive recruiting techniques used by ISIS (even stooping so low as to use Justin Bieber for their nefarious aims).

And speaking of of our supporters forwarded us this little item yesterday via email.


It’s not clear whether this was produced by an over-zealous Trump supporter, the official campaign team or by some other party altogether, but one thing is for certain, it was NOT authorized by Col. Allen West. The photo was taken while he was a Member of Congress with a number of black conservatives during Black History Month.

Col. West has not, will not and frankly cannot, in his position as President/CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis, make any endorsement during this primary contest for any candidate.

We’re often contacted about bogus political fundraising letters and emails sent out using his name and image. Heck, even Democrat Alan Grayson, running for the U.S. Senate seat in Florida sent out a number of letters and emails asking for money to prevent Col. West from winning the Florida seat – even though he now lives in Texas (but no doubt some gullible liberals fell for it).

In any event, although it’s nice to know Col. West’s endorsement is meaningful, it is disingenuous to present it. We’ll call it out every time we find it. And please feel free to email us any examples you come across at [email protected]

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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