Latest Nevada poll indicates TONIGHT may be the tipping point for…

Nevada caucuses for Republicans today. As we know, Hillary Clinton pulled out a decent comeback last weekend, and she’s way ahead in the delegate count. In fact, some pundits think it will be curtains for Bernie Sanders within possibly two weeks, as it becomes clear he faces an insurmountable hurdle.

Back on the Republican side, Trump continues to fortify his lead, with a new CNN poll showing him at 45 percent in Nevada. If that momentum continues it might be all but over for the others.


The same poll has Marco Rubio now moving into second place with 19 percent, ahead of Ted Cruz at 17 percent. Kasich and Carson remain in single digits.

As we reported yesterday, the Carson campaign is reportedly very low on cash, and if you scour the internet you’ll find rumors abound regarding the establishment now trying to coalesce around Rubio, convincing Cruz to drop out and throw his support to Rubio so Trump can be ultimately defeated.

Bernie Sanders complains the game is rigged. When you see the super delegate counts for his opponent – which have basically nothing to do with the will of the voters — you might be inclined to agree. And with the possibility of backroom deals happening on the GOP side, it doesn’t give conservatives much comfort either.

At this rate, the establishment of both parties seems to be intent on getting its way, voters be damned. And isn’t that what has generated so much voter anger in the first place?

[Note: This article was written by a very cranky Michele Hickford]


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