Guess which presidential candidate has his own DATING website

There seems to be a dating website for every niche nowadays. There’s dating sites for ugly people, horse owners, the Amish, bikers, clowns, people with gluten allergies, salad lovers, and now Bernie Sanders fans.

Meet, the dating site for those who want to feel the Bern together. Normally there’s some ambiguity over who pays on the first date, but we imagine the bill will be evenly distributed in this case.

According to the site’s “About Us” page, it was “Founded in 2016 by a group of *dank* individuals who just want the fire to Bern in everyone’s heart!” As good socialists, the site’s creators have made it available free of charge.

We had initially suspected that the site was a joke, but our hunch was quickly proven wrong.


As GQ reported:Aroused by the 74-year-old presidential contender’s populist rhetoric and fierce opposition to the ruling “billionaire class,” a group of Bernie Sanders supporters has started a dating site,, to connect people feeling the Bern and looking for love. As the site promises: “The 1 percent aren’t the only ones getting screwed this election season.”

BernieSingles launched last week and was so popular—garnering nearly 9,000 signups so far and visits in the hundreds of thousands—it crashed within an hour. The demand for its services, says Joshua Kaunert, a 41-year-old Chicago-based activist and one of the site’s creators, has been “overwhelming.”

For any Bernie fans reading this in need of help, here’s a pickup line idea: “Are you a capitalist? Because you’ve got a monopoly on my heart.”

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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