Seriously? Look which fighting force is using JUSTIN BIEBER to aid recruitment…

In its attempts to spread its “brand” globally, ISIS has targeted a good chunk of its recruitment to the Western world. One ISIS propaganda poster aimed at Western youth reads “This is our Call of Duty” (referencing the video game). Some of the footage of killings is shot in the same first-person-shooter style of Grand Theft Auto. ISIS even released a video of long-range assassinations less than a week after “American Sniper” hit theaters.

For people who hate the West, they sure are inspired by our entertainment industry.

They may be unaware of the reputation of all entertainers in the West however, as the Sunday Express reports on ISIS’ new hidden weapon: Justin Bieber.

The terrorist organization is setting its sights on the pop giant’s 76 million followers worldwide by exploiting the well-used hashtag of his name.

Bieber is Twitter’s biggest attraction, boasting the most followers in the world. The hashtag is used hundreds, if not thousands of times an hour, and rockets to tens of thousands of times when the star is trending.

This means youngsters looking for news about the diminutive star would be shown a link featuring a sickening video by ISIS preaching death and hatred to the West.

The video features a bearded man speaking English with what appears to be a British accent and depicts scenes of fierce battles and rotting bodies covered in flies.

The tweet by ISIS using #justinbieber to target the star’s fans as it distributes a new video

I’m a bit unsure about the train of thought here. ISIS is under pressure as the world wages war against it – and at best it’s going to attract fourteen-year-old girls to its army. On second thought, maybe they’re running out of virgins and child brides.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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