What the U.S. just had to BEG Russia for is SICKENING

If there’s one thing I despise it’s when our country is made to appear weak and embarrassed on a global stage. I always enjoy hearing liberal progressives state that under President George W. Bush, America wasn’t liked. They say our reputation in the world was damaged, and that they, namely President Obama, have repaired our name and regard in the world.

Yeah, I suppose seeing videos of our Sailors on their knees at gun point along with pictures of them crying while being detained by another country is indeed a way to repair our “bad reputation.” Sure, we’ve spent a good amount of the last seven plus years apologizing and decimating our military strength — so yeah, everyone likes us now.

America has become the weakling on the block. We’re now the guy who gets the sand kicked in his face at the beach. For the liberal progressive left, that’s just fine by them — and the rest of the world especially likes it. For me, there’s something about being number one and owning the swagger. We cheer victors in this country, not victims, not losers. However, it makes the progressive leftists feel so good knowing we’re not exceptional, but just like everyone else.

And so it goes, we’re reduced to doing this, as reported by The Times Middle East, “The U.S. has pleaded with Russia to refrain from bombing American special forces troops operating covertly in northern Syria.

In an unprecedented move, the Pentagon has supplied the Russian military with the general location of a unit of about 50 U.S. commandos training Syrian rebel troops fighting Islamic State.

When President Obama approved sending a small team of special forces into Syria, the Pentagon released no further details, stating that secrecy was essential to protect the lives of the commandos.”

And Fox News reports, “U.S. defense officials say the U.S. has asked Russia to avoid airstrikes in an area of northern Syria where American special operations forces have been working with Syrians fighting the Islamic State group.

The U.S. request was disclosed Thursday by Lt. Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., commander of U.S. air forces in the Middle East. Brown says that in making the request, U.S. officials did not pinpoint the U.S. troops’ location but did ask that Russian strike aircraft avoid broad areas.

Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook says the request was made directly from the Defense Department to the Russian Ministry of Defense, but he isn’t saying when it came.”

This is what has happened. President Barack Obama, in all of his esteemed military wisdom, deployed fifty (count ‘em) U.S. Special Operators into Syria — you remember, we shared that here. His direction was that they would not be engaged in combat. And now we have our Department of Defense, “asking” (i.e. begging), Vladimir Putin and Russia not to bomb them.

This is how mindless the Obama administration appears. We sent our troops into harm’s way to conduct a FID (Foreign Internal Defense) mission with Syrian rebel forces fighting against Bashar Assad. These are the rebel forces which, as we have also shared, are very closely aligned with Islamic jihadist groups. They’re not just fighting against Assad’s Syrian forces. They’re up against Russian, Iranian, and Hezbollah support to the Syrian Army. Obama has placed our troops in harm’s way on this complex battlefield — and I haven’t even mentioned ISIS – without the requisite support. This is abject insanity, and naturally we’re not hearing about this on the liberal progressive media.

Now, imagine the message this sends to Putin and Russia. Our forces are basically caught in a crossfire and could easily be considered enemy combatants because they’re operating in Syria against the legitimate government. They could be killed or captured and you can bet somehow it would all be blamed on George W. Bush.

You see, someone came up with this brilliant plan that was meant to placate criticism and make it seem President Obama was doing something. Sending fifty special operators into Syria? Well, no matter how brave our Warriors are, this is almost suicidal, certainly incomprehensible. This is mission creep. And this is why you NEVER just piecemeal combat troops into a combat zone. You send in combat power, and support must be in place.

Here is what needs to happen: extract those special operators from this situation immediately. We just saw ten Sailors on their knees at the hands of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy. The last thing we need to see will be our venerable Special Forces troops being paraded. Or worse, the last thing we need is to beg for relief from Vladimir Putin, who in his quest to embarrass Obama, could orchestrate our troops’ capture in order to secure their release.

This is yet another example of Obama FUBAR, and why we need a commander in chief who will listen to the advice and counsel of his senior military advisers instead of holding in high esteem the political drivel of folks like Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, or Ben Rhodes.

God be with those men — and to think, Obama wants to place females into those special operations units. We’ve already had one special operations team trapped by the Taliban in Helmand province in Afghanistan in January. Let’s pray this doesn’t head down that path.

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