Breaking: Ted Cruz makes MAJOR campaign announcement

Sen. Ted Cruz and GOP presidential candidate has been under fire since Iowa for what some characterize as shady campaign tactics.

The rift between him and Ben Carson doesn’t seem to have yet healed after Cruz’s campaign was accused of spreading rumors the night of the Iowa caucuses that Carson was dropping out.

Then, just yesterday Cruz national spokesman Rick Tyler shared a story with bad subtitles accusing Marco Rubio of mocking Cruz’s father and a staffer for reading a Bible. Even after the video was discovered to be inaccurate in its portrayal of Rubio, Tyler’s Facebook post was left up for hours. Though Tyler did ultimately apologize, that apparently was not enough for Sen. Cruz.

Via Politico:

Ted Cruz asked for the resignation of national spokesman Rick Tyler on Monday.

Cruz cited a social media posting from Tyler on Sunday about a comment Marco Rubio supposedly made about the Bible

“Our campaign should not have sent it. That’s why I’ve asked for Rick Tyler’s resignation,” Cruz said.

The Texas senator was speaking to reporters on Monday, and said he’s spent the morning investigating what happened.

Cruz had resisted calls to fire staffers over the Iowa kerfuffle, but apparently this latest incident with Rick Tyler was too egregious to overlook, apology notwithstanding.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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