Criticizing Islam here could land you in jail; is America next?

Thank God we have the First Amendment in America.

While we can be blasted as “Islamophobic” for reasonable criticism of Islam, that’s the worst consequence we’ll face. In Europe, it’s a whole other story. As the Muslim population across all of Europe expands, governments are doing everything they can to appease Islam, rather than fight against its specific values that conflict with Western values.

Just take a look at Denmark (a country after which Bernie Sanders thinks we should model ourselves), which, as the Gatestone Institute is reporting, is now criminalizing speech against Islam – even if it’s online.

Last week, a Danish district court ruled that what a Danish citizen had written on Facebook in November 2013 violated the Danish criminal code.

In response to a debate about the local activities of a radical Islamic organization, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which works for the re-establishment of the Islamic caliphate, he wrote: “The ideology of Islam is as loathsome, disgusting, oppressive and as misanthropic as Nazism. The massive immigration of Islamists into Denmark is the most devastating thing to happen to Danish society in recent history.”

According to § 266b of Denmark’s criminal code, it is prohibited and punishable by fine or prison publicly to threaten, insult or demean a group of persons because of their race, skin color, national or ethnic origin, faith or sexual orientation.

The man was fined 1600 Danish kroner (approximately $240), which makes it unlikely that he will be allowed to appeal the sentence: the fine is so small that an appeal to the Higher Court requires special permission.

The Danish district court found that the man’s statements about Islam were “generalizing statements” that were “insulting and demeaning towards adherents of Islam.”

The district court reached this conclusion despite the defendant’s testimony, according to which he specifically wrote “the ideology of Islam” in order to make a distinction between the religion of Islam and the ideology of Islam. The defendant explained that, “‘Islamist’ is a normal term for extremist groups, who commit crimes against humanity and do the most terrible things, whereas Islam is a peaceful religion.”

Liberals like to deem any criticism of Islam as “Islamophobia.” I’d like to popularize a term for those who will defend Islam at all costs: Islamophilia.

[Note: This article was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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