TERRIFYING: EU police chief just revealed how many ISIS jihadists are running around Europe now

Europe continues to be a bellwether for what happens when a flood of Muslim refugees are admitted en masse. The cultural assimilation — or lack thereof — alone is causing problems ranging from a rise in Anti-semitic sentiment and mass sex attacks to bans on bacon and toilet issues.

Of course, an even graver concern is that amongst this wave of refugees from ISIS-infested territories like Syria are terrorists posing as refugees as a way to infiltrate Europe and wage jihad. Indeed, we’ve learned that a number of suspects connected to the Paris attacks that killed 130 entered Europe posing as refugees.

And now, the European Union’s police chief has revealed there may be many more Islamic jihadists currently running around Europe. Just how many is terrifying.

Via The Daily Wire:

The European Union’s police chief has announced that up to 5,000 ISIS-trained jihadists may be operating unchecked in Europe. “Europe is currently facing the highest terror threat in more than ten years.” cautioned Rob Wainwright, director of Europol.

Wainwright doubled-down on his security assessment in an interview with Germany’s Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper. “We can expect ISIL or other religious terror groups to stage an attack somewhere in Europe with the aim of achieving mass casualties among the civilian population,” he told the paper, adding that emerging terror threats “presents EU member states with completely new challenges.”

Nevertheless, Wainwright couldn’t help but throw a bone at the men and women forking over his paycheck, the multiculturalist political elites of the EU. “There is no concrete evidence terrorists are systematically using of the flow of refugees to infiltrate Europe,” Europol’s director insisted, disrupting his security analysis with a politically-correct aside.

And is it crazy to imagine that if the EU is admitting 5,000, there are likely even more ISIS-trained jihadists running around Europe?

As The Daily Wire concludes:

The unwillingness of European elites to admit (at least publicly) the obvious may result in the unraveling of the European Union. As hordes of poorly-vetted Muslim refugees stampede across the European continent, desperate to flee from the violence of the Middle East, the risk of terrorist infiltration compounds exponentially. If Europe doesn’t address the threat of Islamic jihad with clear-eyed honesty then expect more attacks, some perhaps larger and more catastrophic than the Paris massacre.

As Americans, we have the opportunity to benefit from Europe’s experience. Will we?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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