Quite possibly the most EPIC takedown yet of Hillary Clinton…

Just another sign of how desperate things have become in the Hillary Clinton campaign is the fact that people are now drawing attention to how great she *used* to be as a way of luring millennials over from the Sanders’ campaign.

But apparently that isn’t going over so well, either.

After Politico recently posted a story about how “Hillary Used to Be Such a Boss,” highlighting a millennial discovering the HRC her generation “never knew,” what ensued is causing even longstanding, die-hard supporters to question their support.

Via US Uncut:

Politico recently posted a Hillary Clinton puff piece to its Facebook page, in which a young Clinton supporter aims to convince fellow millennials about how her candidate was “such a boss” in the 1990s. One Facebook commenter was having none of it.

Hillary rant

Almost immediately after Politico posted the article, Mark’s comment tearing apart Clinton’s record jumped to the top of the thread, attracting over 150 likes. Perhaps the reason for the comment’s virality is that nothing cited in the comment is factually incorrect. Here’s a point-by-point breakdown:

“Hillary attacked her husband’s rape victims and destroyed them in public”

Last month, the New York Times ran a story about how Hillary Clinton’s swift, aggressive efforts to shush the multiple women accusing her husband of sexual assault in the 1990s present an image of the former First Lady contrary to the feminist icon brand she’s crafted for her 2016 presidential campaign. 

“Hillary Clinton was on the board of Walmart, the nation’s largest discriminatory employer who paid women 70 cents on the dollar”

Between 1986 and 1992, Mrs. Clinton was a member of Walmart’s board of directors. As ABC Newsreported, Clinton’s years on Walmart’s board were some of the company’s worst, during which the conglomerate squashed workers’ efforts to organize for better wages and working conditions.

“Clinton called single mothers ‘deadbeats’”

As First Lady, Clinton pushed hard for her husband’s bill aimed at cutting welfare benefits to appease white, working-class voters while he was running for re-election. US Uncut has written extensively about how Clinton’s welfare reform disproportionately impacted women and people of color, and that even the black poster women Clinton used as a backdrop at the bill’s signing were harmed by its passage. This isn’t just speculation — Buzzfeed dug up a 2002 interview with the Gettysburg Times in which Hillary Clinton cavalierly referred to welfare recipients as “deadbeats.”

“Now that we’ve said these people are no longer deadbeats—they’re actually out there being productive—how do we keep them there?” then-senator Clinton said.

“Clinton called black men ‘super predators’”

In January of 1996, while stumping for her husband’s re-election in predominantly-white Keene, New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton compared black youth to animals. In Keene, Clinton used dog-whistle racist language when talking about gang violence, calling them “super predators” and saying they needed to be “brought to heel,” as one would a dog. Watch:

“She and her husband traveled first-class to execute a black man with an IQ level of 70”

Mark is referring to Ricky Ray Rector, whom Clinton executed just before the New Hampshire primary in 1992. Rector had committed two murders, then shot himself in the head, causing permanent brain damage. A judge then ordered Rector to stand trial despite his mental condition.

“Clinton said marriage should only exist between people of the opposite sex”

As a U.S. Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton was a staunch opponent of marriage equality. In a televised interview from the capital city of Albany, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked then-Senator Clinton if she would support government recognition of civil unions and gay marriages. Clinton didn’t even blink before saying no, drawing boos from the audience. Her reaction to the boos was simply to smile and laugh.

MATTHEWS: “Do you think New York state should recognize gay marriage?”


Watch the full exchange:

Given the disconnect between Clinton’s record as a First Lady and U.S. Senator, it’s not hard to understand why a majority of voters in swing states say she’s neither honest nor trustworthy. 

It never ceases to amaze how Hillary Clinton continues to have even a single supporter, much less be a contender for the Democrat nomination. Her liberally-checquered past alone should be enough to make any self-respecting Democrat — professed champions of women and blacks — cross her emphatically off their list of contenders.

Maybe now it finally is.


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