Brilliant: Cartoon BLASTS liberal hypocrisy on gun violence


H/T Federalist Papers

So, using the liberal logic of banning guns because of tragic (and thankfully, comparatively rare) mass shootings, should we not then ban cars?

We also need to ban ladders, stairs, bathtubs and other tall things because so many people die from falls. In fact, according to the CDC, here are the figures on what kills folks in the United States:

Suicide: 41,149 (of which 21,175 are by firearm)
Poisoning: 38,851
Motor vehicles: 33,804
Falls: 30,208
Homicides by firearm: 11, 208

More people kill themselves using a firearm than are killed by someone using a firearm. Seems to me we have a suicide problem in this country. Maybe we ought to tackle first.

[Note: This story was written by Michele Hickford]


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