Obama attended Scalia’s wake, but here’s the part that will OUTRAGE you

Among the list of funerals Obama has attended (or sent representatives to attend) include Michael Brown, Robert Byrd, and Ted Kennedy. Not exactly  the most respectable group of people.

While a criminal, former KKK member, and drunk driver were worthy enough to attend, it’s whose funerals Obama hasn’t attended that’s even more telling.

Chris Kyle’s funeral procession stretched over 200 miles – so long that it extended out of the State of Texas. Obama was nowhere to be found.

With the passing of Scalia, we learned his funeral could be added to the list that Obama would not be attending. However, Obama did decide he could find it in his heart to attend Scalia’s wake, but wait till you see how that went.

Via the Daily Caller 

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama paid less than two minutes of respect to the late Antonin Scalia while the Justice lies in repose at the Supreme Court.

Friday, the Obamas spent approximately 35 seconds in front of the casket and then approximately 67 seconds in front of the portrait of Scalia. 

According to the White House pool report, Obama spent approximately 15 minutes in another room “meeting with others.”

Obama never seems to stop complaining about the partisan divide we see today – but he doesn’t seem to realize that his actions are causing it.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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