Really? Trump Says He’s KEEPING This Part of Obamacare…

All the Republicans have hopped on the “repeal and replace” bandwagon in describing their policy on Obamacare. Most candidates generally agree they want to repeal it; they only differ on how they’d replace the unpopular program.

Donald Trump has assured us he’ll replace Obamacare with a free market system – which Breitbart appropriately calls “DonaldCare.”

If you press Trump for specifics, however, there’s one area in which his health care plan is similar to the president’s.

As the Weekly Standard reported:

The most unpopular part of Obamacare now has a champion in the Republican presidential field. Donald Trump was asked on Thursday night by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “If…there’s no mandate for everybody to have insurance, what’s to—why would an insurance company not have a preexisting—insure somebody with a preexisting condition?”

Trump replied, “Well, I like the mandate. Okay, so here’s where I’m a little bit different. I don’t want people dying on the streets. And I say this all the time.”

Unfortunately, the individual mandate isn’t just some minor aspect of Obamacare; it’s the glue that holds it together.

If conservatives want to answer the question Anderson Cooper posed, there’s a great opportunity to blame it on government, not the free market. Most receive health insurance through their employer because of the tax benefits.

If someone develops an illness during the course of employment and finds themselves unemployed and without health insurance, they now have a preexisting condition. The solution is to make health insurance portable, not mandated.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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