SHAME: What Obama is about to do will be a global EMBARRASSMENT…

I’ve postulated the best way for President Barack Obama to maintain his “campaign promise” to shut down the unlawful enemy combatant detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba would be to turn it over to Castro. Now we’ve seen President Obama declare normalization of relations with Cuba and open up diplomatic relations with the island nation.

This is still a Cuba where you can be imprisoned, and potentially executed, for speaking out against the government. This is still a Cuba that harbors criminals who fled from the United States, refusing to extradite them. If we are indeed in a state of normal relations with Cuba, then the special “wet foot, dry foot” asylum rule should be terminated. Reports are now that Cubans, fearing such, are crossing over into South America and blazing a trail through Central America, Mexico and then into the United States — why not, seems everyone else is.

Now, we’ll hear the truism that the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and expect different results — agreed. But ask yourselves, what exactly has Cuba done to evidence it’s changing? Once again, President Obama is so willing to say he did something no one else has done that he’ll surrender the moral high ground. Case in point, the Iranian nuclear agreement, which has been so severely violated that it’s as Hitler said to Chamberlain, “it is nothing but a piece of paper”; sadly, Chamberlain thought he had an agreement that would mean “peace in our time.” This is what happens when you send sheep to do business with wolves — they get eaten. I’m quite sure Obama’s acolytes and loyal disciples would decry Richard Nixon going to China; yep well, Obama also can claim — like Nixon — to be a rather imperial president.

And to think, Nixon resigned over a “breaking and entering” crime. Well, President Obama’s “rap sheet” against the Constitution is quite distinguished.

As reported by Fox News:

President Obama said Thursday he’ll raise human rights issues and other U.S. concerns with Cuban President Raul Castro during a history-making visit to the communist island nation. 

The brief visit in mid-March will mark a watershed moment in relations between the U.S. and Cuba, making Obama the first sitting U.S. president to set foot on the island in nearly seven decades. While in the country, Obama plans to meet with groups advocating for change in Cuba, a condition the president had laid out publicly for such a trip. 

“We still have differences with the Cuban government that I will raise directly,” Obama wrote on Twitter in announcing the visit. “America will always stand for human rights around the world.” 

Cuban Foreign Trade Minister Rodrigo Malmierca, on a visit to Washington, told The Associated Press that Obama’s visit is good news for Cuba. 

“The president will be welcomed,” he said in Spanish.”  

Let me remind you of a few rather recent occurrences that lead me to believe Obama’s rhetoric and meetings will mean nothing. China’s President Xi Xinping was given the royal treatment — state dinner, gun salute — and pledged there would be no militarization of the man-made islands China’s constructed in the Spratly Archipelago in the South China Sea — oops. China this week not only emplaced aircraft landing strips on these islands, it’s deployed surface-to-air missiles.

And it was Obama who so lovingly stretched out his hand to the rabid dog Ayatollahs in Iran. And even our Secretary of State John Kerry heaped lofty praise upon the Iranians for their tender care of our ten captured Sailors. I think we’ve all seen the videos enough to make us sick to our stomachs.

Even in Yemen, when we were forced to close ANOTHER of our embassies, the Obama administration didn’t allow for the standard Non-Combatant Evacuation Order (NEO) procedures. He ordered our Marines to leave the country, unarmed, aboard aircraft provided by Oman. This happened while a U.S. Amphibious Ready Group/Marine Exxpeditionary Unit (ARG/MEU) — example of how it’d help to have a Commander in Chief who’s served — stood ready off the coast to show U.S. combat power in evacuating our personnel from the impending assault of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. And never forget the Islamic jihadists doing cannonballs into the embassy pool in Tripoli, Libya, as we were forced out.

In light of those precedents, something tells me Raul Castro just ain’t too worried about President Obama coming down and chatting up folks about human rights violations — what’s he gonna do about it? Those conditions should’ve been discussed before we reopened diplomatic relations. So Obama will show up in Cuba, a really big photo op, and once again the United States will be embarrassed on the global stage. Remember Reagan walked out at Rejkjavik. The end result that’ll happen before this year’s end will be a closing down ceremony at GITMO, where our colors will be lowered and our troops depart — unarmed of course. As for the Islamic jihadists that remain: trust me, the Obama administration is already cutting deals with someone, somewhere, to release these animals back into the wild.

Matter of fact, anyone heard about the five senior Taliban leaders lately? I wonder where they’re vacationing; wouldn’t shock me if they weren’t back in southern Afghanistan with the Taliban boys in Helmand province. And where exactly is Bowe Bergdahl?

In typical Obama administration language of defeat and acquiescence, here’s what the highly experienced English major and brother of CBS president stated.

“Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, said the president will carry the message that the U.S. and Cuba need not be defined by their “complicated and difficult history.” He said the U.S. wants to expand opportunities for U.S. businesses in Cuba, facilitate travel for Americans and coax Cuba’s government into passing those benefits on to the public. 

“Cuba will not change overnight,” Rhodes wrote in a Medium blog post. But he said the guiding principle behind the visit is “taking steps that will improve the lives of the Cuban people.” 

Rhodes noted the ultimate aim is to persuade Congress to lift the trade embargo — Havana’s biggest request of the U.S. Although short-term prospects have seemed unlikely, a Republican congressman just back from leading a delegation of lawmakers to Cuba said he believed legislation ending the embargo could pass Congress by the end of the year.

Without a doubt, there are many businesses just chomping at the bit to open up new markets in Cuba — same as European businesses bolted to Iran. But what happens in the long term? Will there be any change in the Cuba regime’s behavior? I do believe the free market can break down the barriers of communism, but it has to be a dedicated effort combined with diplomatic, informational and military prowess. The last thing I want to see is the Castro regime just uses the incoming economic investment and boon to solidify their hold on power for generations to come. And we certainly don’t need to surrender GITMO!

You ask would I ever visit Cuba — nah, I’m not into having secret police following me around. And as long as there is a communist regime running the show, I’ll find much better island vacation spots in the Caribbean. I’ve never smoked, but I can bet that President Obama will certainly be taking in one of those fine Cuban cigars. But perhaps he will one day realize that he was the one getting smoked.


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