UNREAL: Look what happens if there’s a TIE in Nevada tomorrow….

Some people were surprised to learn that ties in the Iowa Democrat caucuses were decided by a coin toss. It struck some as strange that such an important decision as who will be president of the United State might be left to chance — and even more curious that Hillary Clinton won all six tosses.

However, when it comes to Las Vegas, a city that thrives on games of chance, perhaps it seems only natural that ties in tomorrow’s Democrat caucus will be decided by … a deck of cards.

Via The New York Times:

On Friday, the Nevada Democratic Party released answers to frequently asked questions ahead of the caucuses on Saturday.

…The guidance also included what would happen if Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders happen to tie on Saturday. Enter the deck of cards.

“In the rare circumstances where two or more presidential preference groups are tied for the loss or gain of a precinct-level delegate and have the same lowest or highest decimal,” the state party says, “groups must draw a single card from a deck of cards to break the tie. High card determines the winner.”

Not covered in the Democrat party’s frequently asked questions were a few additional important details:

  • All spades have been removed from the deck so as not to appear racist
  • Naturally, all hearts in the deck are of the bleeding heart variety — except, of course, those cards that feature the Queen herself, which have none at all
  • If someone draws the joker, the tie automatically goes to Bernie Sanders


Of course, the integrity of the system relies on the absence of card cheats in the mix. Though as Hillary might say, what difference at this point does it make?

The stakes certainly are high in Nevada tomorrow, with Hillary and Bernie in a dead heat in the latest polls. Hillary needs a strong showing in one of these upcoming contests, as people are starting to talk about dealing her out.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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