DISGRACEFUL: Obama’s skipping Justice Scalia’s funeral, but ATTENDED these…

For someone who complains so much about the partisan divide today, you wouldn’t think he’d take action to exacerbate it. But that’s exactly what Obama has done following the death of Antonin Scalia.

First, in an unprecedented move, he’s already announced plans to nominate another Supreme Court Justice. Despite the fact that only one other president in the past 100 years has tried to nominate a justice this close to an election, he’ll still portray his efforts as being “obstructed” by Republicans when his nominee is inevitably shot down.

As if his disrespect to historical precedent wasn’t politically motivated enough, we then found out that he won’t even be attending Scalia’s funeral this Saturday. He isn’t particularly busy this Saturday — except for reviewing options for Scalia’s replacement — and as you can see in the table below, he’s attended quite a few other funerals during his presidency:


Obama had the “decency” to personally attend the funerals of Ted Kennedy and former KKK member Robert Byrd. He sent not one but three representatives to the funerals of thugs like Michael Brown.

Antonin Scalia is getting the same treatment as Chris Kyle. And in Obama’s America, that’s not a good thing.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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