DESPICABLE: The “gift” Obama is leaving to the next president

I find it rather interesting how President Obama generates such intestinal fortitude and indignation when it comes to attacking his political enemies. His face contorts when his aim is directed at the GOP or constitutional conservative grassroots Americans. But when it comes to the real enemies of America, well, Obama is limp as a noodle.

When innocent Americans were killed, gunned down in San Bernardino by two Islamic jihadists, his response was more gun control. When Nidal Hasan gunned down Soldiers at Ft. Hood, it was workplace violence. When four Marines and a Sailor were gunned down by another Islamic jihadist in Chattanooga, well, hardly a peep, and certainly no anger.

And so it goes…yesterday when Barack Obama was hamming it up, angry at the Senate Republicans over a SCOTUS appointment and speaking derisively of Donald Trump something else was happening.

First of all, Obama had just completed the Southeast Asia summit — while we got confirmed reports that China was emplacing surface-to-air missiles on one of the manmade islands they constructed. Of course North Korea shot off another ballistic missile with a satellite, which reportedly orbited above the Super Bowl stadium.

But not to be outdone, Russia and Iran had to get in on the action as well. As reported by Fox News, “Iran’s defense minister met Tuesday in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin about delivery of the advanced S-300 air defense system — and the purchase of powerful offensive weapons, including Russia’s most sophisticated tank and jet fighters.

Russian media and two intelligence officials speaking to Fox News confirm the meeting between Putin and Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan, believed to be the architect of the 1983 terror bombing that killed 220 U.S. Marines and 21 other service members in Beirut, Lebanon.

A United Nations resolution passed on July 20, days after the landmark nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers, including the United States, forbids Iran from making conventional arms sales for the next five years.

While a defensive “ground-to-air” weapons system such as the S-300 is exempt from U.N. Resolution 2231, the ban explicitly forbids “battle tanks, armored combat vehicles, large-caliber artillery systems, combat aircraft, attack helicopters, [and] warships…” from being purchased by Iran without prior approval from the U.N.

Iran is looking to buy Russia’s most capable tank, the T-90, as well as modern Su-30 Flanker fighter jets, Dehqan has said.

Dehqan’s arrival in Moscow Monday comes a month after Iran received billions of dollars worth of sanctions relief when the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers went into effect.

This is not the first time Iran has appeared willing to violate U.N. Security Council resolutions. Fox News was first to report that Iran carried out a medium range ballistic missile test in November.”

I know, all my sincere and lovely detractors are saying, what difference at this point does it make? And West, just shut up, Obama avoided getting us engaged in another war. What I dearly love about the progressive socialists who troll these pages is that they are well-trained monkeys, very capable of regurgitating their assigned talking points, issued from the idiots at Media Matters. When faced with the hard truth of abject foreign policy failure and undisputed weakness, their response is to call the person pointing this out names. How very juvenile.

Here is Obama trying to play tough guy with Republicans, while the world is busy running rings around him. And somehow we’re supposed to be believe everything is fine. Kinda like Secretary of State Kerry thanking the Iranians for taking such good care of our Sailors.

Folks, you cannot make this stuff up and what gets my dander up so much is that we have GOP presidential candidates who aren’t addressing issues such as this. They prefer the circular firing squad and hurling invectives at each other. Sadly, America is looking for adult leadership. And if anyone REALLY believes that Bernie Sanders or Hillary “Benghazi Betty” Clinton, mother of the Russian reset button, are going to defend us from evil, you’ve been in Colorado smoking stuff.

Iran is on its way, right beneath our noses, to building a powerful and capable military force. We have enabled them to become an economic hegemony in the Middle East. And even Kerry had to admit there’s a possibility that Iran could use the unfrozen assets and lifted sanctions to fund more Islamic terrorism — what a genius. Now, who would’ve ever thought the number one state sponsor of Islamic terror would use billions of dollars they just received to fund more Islamic terror?

This is the dangerous world created by one B. Hussein Obama. This is a threatening global situation that someone will inherit in less than a year. And the forces of evil recognize they have this year to make incredible gains, because they know Barack Obama wants a domestic agenda and couldn’t care less about what happens with the global security situation. Remember last week, the Obama Pentagon ordered military commanders to prioritize climate change in all their military operations.

There can be no denial; the world is a much more dangerous place thanks to Obama — and I do not believe this was by accident. It is by intention.

There’s something about this president who doesn’t care for American exceptionalism and strength. It’s disturbing, disgusting, and utterly disconcerting. The next president will have to undo all the soon-to-be exhibits in the Obama presidential library. And I look forward to assisting them in doing so.

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