Here’s exactly what I’D do to the Sailors captured by Iran

I was tough on U.S. Senator John McCain for not taking up the case of U.S. Army Special Forces SFC Charles Martland. However, I’m a fair guy and will give kudos when appropriate, and now is the time for such recognition.

I’m constantly asked about the Iranian seizure of our two Riverine assault boats and the detention of the ten U.S. Sailors. Nothing about this episode makes sense and I don’t believe the most transparent administration in America’s history will be forthcoming with the truth.

As reported by Reuters, “U.S. Republican Senator John McCain said on Sunday he would subpoena 10 U.S. sailors to testify about their brief detention by Iran if the Obama administration does not provide the findings of an investigation into the incident by March 1.

“It’s an option that I do not want to exercise,” McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, told reporters as he was returning to the United States from an international security conference in Germany.

The sailors were detained by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps after their two patrol boats strayed into Iranian waters on Jan. 12. U.S. officials later blamed a navigational problem.

The Americans were freed the next day after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry intervened with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, averting a diplomatic crisis just days before implementation of the Iran nuclear deal and the lifting of international sanctions on Tehran.

Iranian media broadcast videos of the detainees, including scenes in which Revolutionary Guards personnel trained weapons on the sailors as they kneeled.The Obama administration has said the sailors’ speedy release showed the power of diplomacy and the promise of its new engagement with Iran.”

Power of diplomacy my butt, the Iranians released video and pictures of our Sailors on their knees, hands over their heads in the position of surrender. And Iranian diplomacy is so successful, they mocked our Sailors on a parade float depicting their acquiescence in celebration of the 37th anniversary of the Islamic revolution, enabled by Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s. And diplomacy worked so well, the Iranians released video and pictures of one of our Sailors crying. And to think, Secretary of State John Kerry thanked the Iranians for taking such good care of our Sailors.

Diplomacy worked so well that the Supreme Leader in Iran, Ayatollah Khameini, pinned medals on the Navy commander for Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (a designated Islamic terror group) who was responsible for capturing our two Riverine assault boats with what seemed to be Boston Whaler sea craft.

Yes, these ten Sailors do need to face a subpoena because nothing about this makes sense, and we cannot expect Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus to provide any truth. He’s probably just too busy converting duty positions in the Navy and Marine Corps to be gender-neutral.

Initially we were told this was about an engine malfunction on one of the assault boats, fine — then you tow it. Now we’re told there was something wrong with the navigational systems — which the diplomatic Iranians have refuted.

Anyway, don’t they teach simple open ocean navigation any more in the Navy, using compass and charts? The mission of these two assault boats was to transit from Kuwait to Bahrain, basically head due south. As long as you keep the land mass to your starboard side, there’s no feasible explanation for “getting lost.” And why, if these boats were “lost,” didn’t the blue force tracker at their command ship track their GPS location? And if the GPS did indeed malfunction and their track was lost on radar, then who failed to issue an alert call?

Folks, nothing about this makes any sense, other than the response from the highly diplomatic Iranians to embarrass the heck out of us.

So yes, I do fully support these Sailors being brought before the Senate Armed Services Committee. And just wait, there will be some very lame excuse as to why they won’t be available. Also, let’s not succumb to any whining from the liberal progressive socialists that “these Sailors have suffered enough.”

Folks, these Sailors violated at least four articles of the U.S. Code of Conduct for military personnel — did they do so on their own or were they ordered to “stand down?”

Let’s be honest, how many front page articles ran about Abu Gharaib in the New York Times? The left leaning media and acolytes do not get to cherry pick what’s important when it comes to our national security. Just like President Obama is all of a sudden a great constitutionalist after the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, talking about his “constitutional obligation.” What a joke!

Regardless of what statements the Obama administration issues, which they will not by March 1st, this story cannot be swept under the rug. The traditions of John Paul Jones and Stephen Decatur are at stake; the honor of our U.S. Navy is in peril. And the American people need to know what happened in the open waters of the Persian Gulf that led to the unlawful seizure of our two assault boats.


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