Michael Moore just got AWFUL news about his latest film

Don’t feel out of the loop if you didn’t know Michael Moore had a new documentary out; no one else noticed, either.

While it was originally planned to debut mid-December, Moore’s “Where to Invade Next” hit theaters February 12th. The theme of the film is Moore visiting the other countries he believes offer a better version of the American dream; liberals apparently will only support the American dream as long as it’s not American.

Audiences aren’t buying what the generously proportioned documentarian is selling, and his career is rapidly falling to the wayside.

Via the The Hollywood Reporter:

Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next wasn’t greeted by a victory march at the box office, where its per-theater average ranked below those of the filmmaker’s previous offerings.

Where to Invade — Moore’s first film in six years — opened to an estimated $897,034 from 308 theaters for the three-day holiday weekend, according to final figures released on Monday. That puts the per-location average at $2,912, the worst of the filmmaker’s documentary career behind the $4,452 theater average of The Big One, which opened to $146,909 from 33 theaters in 1998.

For the four-day holiday, Where to Invade looks to earn $1 million for a location average of $3,256.

By one measure, Where to Invade could be perceived as a silver medalist. It’s the second-biggest opening gross for Moore behind Fahrenheit 9/11, which still holds the crown for the top-grossing doc of all time in the U.S. with $119.1 million. Fahrenheit, which opened to $23.9 million, scored a hefty location average of $27,558 when it bowed nationwide in 868 locations in 2004.

But it’s the per-theater average, and not the opening gross, that is the true gauge of success for Moore, since all of his films, save for Fahrenheit, have opened in a limited number of locations before expanding. His last film, Capitalism: A Love Story, earned $231,964 from four theaters in 2009 for a theater average of $57,991. A week later, it expanded into a total of 962 locations, grossing $4.4 million for a location average of $4,263.

With results as dismal as these, its no wonder he hates capitalism so much.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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