SICK: Look how tolerant, compassionate liberals are marking Scalia’s death…

Liberals are only for “tolerance” when it means tolerance of liberal intolerance. Antonin Scalia passed away yesterday, and liberals politicized his death faster than a school shooting.

As compiled by Breitbart and Twitchy, here’s a sampling of the hate.

Anthony Jeselnik, “comedian”

Glenn Greenwald, former contributor to Salon and The Guardian

Tomas Rios, Vocativ Senior Editor^tfw

Adam Mansbach, author

Jess Dweck, writer for The Tonight Show

Dean Obeidallah, Muslim comedian

Ireezy III, senior writer at MTV News^tfw

And some randoms:

And if that wasn’t enough, cue the racist attacks against Clarence Thomas^tfw

While Republicans honored Scalia’s legacy at last night’s debate, Hillary was busy joking about how she’d fill his seat with a liberal Justice.

Rahn Emmanuel infamously said that “you never want to let a serious crisis go to waste,” but it’s really tragedies that liberals never want to see go to waste.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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